How to rebrand products from Alibaba?

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  • You can easily rebrand products on Alibaba, even major products.
  • If you bought a product from Alibaba and want to sell it on your page, you can rebrand the product.

How to brand your products using Alibaba

People Also Asked:

Can you rebrand a product from China?

The answer is yes!. We have received a lot of inquiries from customers who want to rebrand Chinese products. This makes us think that a lot of people assume it’s difficult, but it’s actually quite simple.

How do I change my product on Alibaba?

There are two ways to change your product on Alibaba: the Modify Listings page or the Edit Product page.

Does Alibaba white label?

Yes, Alibaba offers white label services. For more information and examples of White Label products, download our white label infographic

How do I brand my products on Aliexpress?

How do I brand my products on Aliexpress?

Creating a brand on Aliexpress is easy. You can create brand pages, upload logos, and add product images to build your brand. To set up a seller account and start selling international, visit the Aliexpress site here:

Can I rebrand wholesale products?

Yes, you can rebrand wholesale products.

Can I buy a product and put my own label on it?

Yes. You can buy a product and put your label on it

Does Alibaba sell brand names?

Does Alibaba sell brand names?

No, Alibaba does not sell brand names. But you can buy them through third-party sellers on Tmall.

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Can you sell on Alibaba for free?

Yes you can. You do not need to purchase a membership for to sell on Alibaba.

How do I add a watermark to Alibaba?

If you want to add the watermark to Alibaba, simply go to the product detail page of the product and click on “edit” for the watermark you want to add. When done, click on ‘Save’ at the top right of your screen.

Are Alibaba images copyrighted?

No, they’re not. Images in Alibaba are not copyrighted because they are uploaded by users and not the companies themselves.

Can I use Alibaba pictures on Amazon?

Yes, you can use Alibaba pictures on Amazon. Just keep in mind that Amazon is a different website from Alibaba. So do your research and know the best copyright laws for your country.

How do I list my product on Alibaba?

To list your product on Alibaba you need to create a new listing.

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Why is shipping on Alibaba so expensive?

Shipping on Alibaba is expensive because it’s based on volume and weight. When you order goods from a supplier, many suppliers have their goods shipped from different places. So, if you are buying the same amount of the same product, one shipping line might be more expensive than another.

Can you purchase a single item for Alibaba?

How do I register with Alibaba without a company?

You can register as a sole proprietor if you do not currently have a company. To do so, simply fill out the attached registration form and forward it to Alibaba.

What are Alibaba supplier fees?

Alibaba supplier fees are the big business, and this tool is to find out what’s the purchase expense on Alibaba. That’s why business people call it: Alibaba Fee Calculator

Is private labeling legal?

Many people ask the question, “Is private labeling legal?” The answer is yes, but there are some things you need to know.

Do I need import license to buy from Alibaba?

No. You will not need any import license to buy from Alibaba.

Is it legal to buy from Alibaba and sell on Amazon?

It’s legal to buy from Alibaba and sell on Amazon, but there are a few things you need to consider. Read our blog post on the topic here.

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How do I put my brand name on my product?

There are many ways to put your brand name on a product, including and not limited to logos, names and slogans.

Is AliExpress better than Alibaba?

AliExpress is one of the largest online shopping communities in the world today. It has long surpassed its parent site Alibaba, offering a wide range of products for shoppers to choose from. AliExpress has many benefits, making it a great alternative to Alibaba.

Can I buy from Alibaba for personal use?

Yes, you can buy on Alibaba for personal use. However, your purchases must be for lawful purposes and consistent with our User Agreement.

How do I contact a supplier on Alibaba?

To contact a supplier on Alibaba, you can use their messages feature or the chat box located in the suppliers profile. Sending a message is free of charge so feel free to contact multiple suppliers at one time.


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