How to reactivate Okcupid account?

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  • To reactivate your Aquipid account, simply login to the site and use the username and password you used before.
  • If you do not know that information, contact Customer Support via live chat or email at

How To Reset Okcupid Password?

✅ How To Disable OkCupid Dating Profile In App?

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Disable OkCupid account

If you disable your OkCupid account, it’ll be impossible for other users to find or message you on OkCupid. There will still be a record of your account in our database and in the terms of service agreement that our community agreed to when signing up, so we’ll be able to reactivate an account if we need to.

Reset OkCupid account

You can reset your OkCupid account by visiting our Help Center. The first step is to sign in, so we know who you are, then you can submit a request with any information that you think might help us investigate the issue.”

OkCupid deactivates inactive accounts

OkCupid deactivates inactive accounts. This prevents spammers from creating fake profiles and impersonating other members. It also reduces the number of users on this site, which could slow your browsing experience.

Recover suspended OkCupid account

Recover suspended OkCupid account

If your account has been suspended, you’ll need to contact OkCupid Support to request account reinstatement. To do so, select “Request help” from the dropdown menu. Please note that if it’s been longer than 30 days since your account was suspended, you must also have it deleted first before you can reinstate it.

OkCupid bans permanent

OkCupid bans can be permanent, but they are often temporary and not enforced by the dating site. A ban on OkCupid is when a user has been reported by multiple other users too many times and, as a result, has been removed from the site.

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Banned on OkCupid

There are several ways to determine if you’ve been banned from OkCupid. First, check if your profile is still on the site. If so, the company hasn’t banned you — yet. If your profile has been removed from the site or edited by staff, you may have violated one of their community standards. You’ll see these under a tab in your settings menu called ‘Community Standards,’ or by tapping on ‘Help’ and then searching for ‘Community Standards’ in the app. Another way to check if you’re banned is to visit any person’s profile who has blocked you to see if they’ve added ‘Banned: 1.’ finally, logging out of OkCupid can help identify whether the company took more drastic steps.

Make your OkCupid profile invisible

Make your OkCupid profile invisible

You can make your OkCupid profile invisible! You should do this if you want to use the site without being matched with people. If you do not want other people to see your profile, simply change the visibility of it from the public (the default option) to hidden. This will make your profile completely invisible to everyone but OkCupid staff members.

Do not appear online on OkCupid

Several options are at your disposal if your goal is not to appear online on OkCupid. You can be invisible to search or turn on Do Not Disturb mode in Settings. To not appear online, go to your profile on the desktop site and scroll down to see some additional settings, including how you want your profile photo shown. Under “Privacy,” check “Appear Offline” so only members who have already expressed interest in you will see when you log on.

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Delete OKC

To delete OKC, you can delete your account by visiting the Account Settings page. On this page, you’ll find a Delete My Account link that will start the process of permanently deleting all data associated with your account. You can also request an email password reset if you want to log in and manage your account later.

OkCupid is good for hookups

OkCupid is good for hookups

OkCupid is one of the oldest and most popular dating sites. It’s used by millions of people every month, and it has become a good medium for meeting other singles for more serious relationships. If you’re looking for a hookup site that isn’t Tinder, you can use OkCupid to meet someone.

Reset settings on OkCupid

Log in to your OkCupid account, click on the profile icon in the top right corner and select “Settings” on the resulting page. On this page, click on “Privacy & Settings.” On that page, scroll down to the bottom, where you’ll see a section called “Reset My Settings.” Click on it, and you’re done!

Find someone who unmatched on OkCupid

You can generally send someone a message on OkCupid if they don’t match you. If they change their mind and decide to message you back, they’ll receive a notification that you were waiting to hear from them. You can also find interesting conversations using our “Interesting People” feature, which displays other people who have indicated an interest in you or have recently been on your favorites list.

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Matches disappear on OkCupid

There are various reasons why matches on OkCupid disappear. For example, users could unsubscribe from the site or terminate their accounts. Another reason could be that the user simply didn’t like your profile, belonged to another race/ethnic group, or preferred someone taller/shorter. There’s also an option for users to hide their profile from view until they decide if they want to stay on the app or not; this is what probably happened with your matches.

Contact OkCupid support

You can Contact Us by selecting the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner or emailing

Can’t log into OkCupid

You might not be able to log into OkCupid if: You don’t have cookies enabled in your browser. Cookie files allow you to use the website and its features, such as saved search settings or profile image uploads. Signing in multiple times might help if you’re experiencing browser issues.

OkCupid is owned by tinder

Tinder is owned by Match Group, which also owns OkCupid and various other dating/hookup websites, including POF and Plenty Of Fish.

Pink dot on OKCupid

A pink dot on OKCupid is a communication symbol for someone trying to connect with you. If you notice a pink dot next to their profile photo, it means they are interested in staying in touch with you!

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