How to properly leave comment on Hinge app?

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We all know that Hinge is a great community for connecting with singles and create meaningful relationships. If you are single and want to connect with lot of people, then Hinge is for you. You will find lot of like-minded singles who are looking to connection with other singles near your location. It also allows you to filter out the people you are not interested in and also block them. This article will teach you how to properly leave comment on hinge app to get noticed by hot singles near your area.

HINGE APP how to use?

How to properly leave comment on Hinge app?

  • Commenting on Hinge is easy but important.
  • The comment you leave on the platform to match will be visible to your match, so it’s a good idea to be as thoughtful and creative as possible with your reply.
  • The more creative you are and the less common your response is, the more likely you are to stand out in their minds.
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People Also Asked:

Leave a good Hinge comment

Leave a thoughtful comment on someone’s profile. Ask questions and get to know the person behind the profile. Don’t just say “hey, how’s it going?” A fun way to leave a good Hinge comment is by asking someone about their job, background, or interests.

Write a good Hinge message

If you want to date a woman, then the right first message can help you stand out. But a lot of guys get into trouble here because they go too far or are too boring. Women hate that. Here’s how to write a good Hinge message that still shows off your personality without scaring her away.

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Leave a message on Hinge

On Hinge, you can leave a message by simply clicking on the ‘Message’ button. To view messages, click on the ‘Messages’ button found at the top of your inbox.

Add comments to Hinge likes

Add comments to Hinge likes

Adding comments to Hinge likes can be a great way to connect with other daters in a creative way. These messages are only visible to the person who liked you and they will see what you wrote on their profile when they view their activity tracker. 

The normal number of likes on Hinge

2 likes per day is the average of what Hinge users usually see on their app.

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Compliment a girl on Hinge

To compliment a girl on Hinge, tap on her profile. If you like the look of the profile, tap on the image to open up all the user details. Once you’re done reading about her, tap “Leave a comment.

Replying to a like on Hinge

If you like a person’s profile, you can let them know with a like! Your suggestion will appear in the interest list on their profile and the notification tab, and they’ll receive an email message letting them know you shared it. 

Keep a conversation going on Hinge

To keep a conversation going online, ask some questions that they haven’t answered. Also, be cautious of sending too many messages at once. This could come across as needy and overwhelming. Keep it short, sincere, and polite.

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