How to post comments on a Telegram channel?

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  • Open your Telegram and go to the specific channel you want to comment
  • Choose a post and if the comments are enabled, you can type and post your comment under it.
  • If the admin has disabled commenting, it is impossible to comment on that channel.

How to Add Post Comments In Telegram Channels

How To Add Telegram Channel Comment on Posts

People Also Asked:

Can you see comments on Telegram?

Yes! You can see comments for all the posts in your groups on Telegram.

What can I post on my Telegram channel?

You can post anything on your Telegram channel! Create your own recipes and photos, share interesting news from around the world. Post funny movies and much more – as long as it’s legal, of course.

How do I pin a comment on Telegram?

To pin a comment on Telegram, click on it and select the “Pin” option in the ‘More’ menu.

What is comment BOT Telegram?

What is comment BOT Telegram?

Comment BOT Telegram is a bot created to provide an easy-to-use, powerful, and flexible comment system for your Telegram group.

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What is the difference between Telegram group and channel?

Telegram groups and channels are two different ways to chat with people. You can use Telegram groups to chat with your friends, share pictures or files, discuss a topic of interest with like-minded people, and much more. Channels are used to broadcast public messages to everyone who subscribes to them

How can I write a post on Telegram?

It’s so easy! Simply go to the group or channel of your choice, type in the text field, and hit “Send”. You can also upload images, videos, and documents.

How do you pin a message in a group chat?

How do you pin a message in a group chat?

To pin a message in a group chat, you need to tap on the message that you want to pin and then click ‘pinned’. 

Can I star messages on Telegram?

Yes, you can star messages on Telegram. You can also mark messages as unread to keep an eye on your top priority correspondence..

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How can I send a message to Telegram channel?

You can send messages to the Telegram channel by searching for the name of the channel and then you can send a message by tapping on the message icon on top of the screen.

Which Telegram Channel has most subscribers?

Which Telegram Channel has most subscribers?

@HindiHDmovies has the most subscribers. This channel is owned by a group of five friends who want to keep the legacy of Bollywood alive. They upload movies daily and have 6.1 million subscribers with over 3 billion views.

How can I disable comments on Telegram channel?

To disable comments on the Telegram channel, open the channel and tap on the pencil icon. Then scroll down to “Edit Channel Settings” and turn off the option for “Allow comments.”

How do I see replies on Telegram?

To see replies to your messages in Telegram, check your notification settings: In the application, tap ⋮ (three horizontal dots) > Settings > Notifications.

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How do you use Telegram?

Telegram is an Android, iOS and Windows Phone application for sending messages and making voice calls, quickly and safely. Telegram also supports all major platforms – desktops, tablets and even the Apple Watch.

Why can’t I see messages on Telegram group?

You can’t see messages in Telegram group because the admin of your group has turned off messaging for all members.

How do I allow comments on my channel?

To allow comments on your Telegram channel, choose the Channel Settings tab and select the Enable Commenting option. You can also enable or disable comments by clicking on the edit icon next to the channel avatar.

How can I promote my Telegram channel for free?

In order to promote Telegram channel, you have to create an announcement channel. You have to give description, images, videos and make sure that your channel is moderated by correct users.

How to Add Post Comments In Telegram Channels

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