How to pass Badoo picture verification?

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Most online dating sites and apps will ask you for a photo verification when signing up for a free profile. These photos reduce the risk of abuse. As a result, many fake profiles can not pass the test. I am here to answer your question about passing a picture verification on Badoo.

Badoo Bypass Photo Verification – How To Create Badoo Account Without Photo Verify (iOS + Android)

how to pass badoo picture verification?

  • So, in order to pass Badoo picture verification, you need to send the secret code (omitted on the page) to a special number that Badoo sends you on your phone.
  • Then you can enter it in the blank space that is on the site and confirm that it matches what they send you.
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Bypassing Badoo photo verification

To start with, Badoo account is linked to your e-mail or mobile phone number. You need to verify your phone number or email address by sending a code through SMS or email. This is nothing but a technical trick that takes several days at least to be verified by the system.

Bypassing the number verification on Badoo

You can bypass the number verification on Badoo by verifying with a nickname.

Verification for Badoo

Verification for Badoo is fast and easy. Sign up now and you will be able to verify your account status, as well as receive priority support

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Can you use Badoo without a phone number?

Using Badoo without a phone number

You can use Badoo without a phone number. However, a phone number is very beneficial to you as it helps us verify your authenticity and protect you from negative people. So if you want to register on Badoo, we advise you to do so with your phone number.

Badoo account can not be deleted

You can’t delete your Badoo account because it is connected to your Facebook account. If you want to close your account, please use the same email and password that you used to sign up on Badoo to delete it.

Recovering a Badoo account

To recover your Badoo account, navigate to the “Help Center” in your device’s app store. Under the category “Badoo”, take a look at the options available.

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How long does a Badoo ban last?

Badoo bans are usually temporary and only last a few hours or days. Once you’ve been punished by the website, however, it can be difficult to get back into good standing.

Changing location on Badoo

You can change your location on Badoo. To do this, click on the “Details” icon on the upper right of your profile and then choose the “Edit profile” option in the pop-up menu. In this window you will see Location. Type the name of your city or town (with country) and then click the Save button.

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