How to message the admin of a Telegram channel?

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When we start chatting to an admin there are a lot of these questions. Why should I talk to the admin? How can I find it out? Can anyone message me, or just those who the channel has whitelisted? And what if I have no idea how to contact him?

Everything you need to know about Telegram channel as an admin

How to message the admin of a Telegram channel?

  • If you want to message the admin of a Telegram channel, go to the channel bio.
  • If they have shared their private account, then simply tap on it and send them a message.
  • But if they haven’t shared any account or address to contact them then there is no way to contact them.

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Sending a message to admin on Telegram channel

You can contact them by simply going to their bio in the channel and tapping on their profile picture. From there, if they have shared their private account address with you, you can simply type a message or send an image or a file.

Knowing the admin of Telegram channel

To find the admin of a Telegram channel, you need to view the profile of this channel and click on “About”.

DM a group owner on Telegram

To DM the group owner on Telegram, simply click on the list of group members, find the owner and tap on their name. This will open up an in-app chat panel where you can send them a message.

Sending messages on Telegram

Sending messages on Telegram

To send a message on Telegram, you should open the chat screen by tapping the menu button or by tapping “New” at the top of the screen. You can then select recipients from your contacts list or search for them. After selecting recipients and writing your message, tap “Send”.

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A Telegram channel when the creator account destruct

When the creator account destructs, another channel member will become admin and channel will exist.

Telegram channel admin seeing my number

channel admins can’t see your phone number or address, even if you try to send them a message. Messages between you and the channel admin are always end-to-end encrypted, so you can feel safe chatting with people you don’t know

Automate Telegram messages

You can set a timeer so that at specified times, your telegram messages can automatically send.

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Cannot comment on Telegram channel

Comments are turned off because the channel owner or admin thinks that there’s no need for users to comment on threads.

The best channel descriptions in Telegram

We have 3 types of channel descriptions: informative, inviting, and marketing. Informative channel description offers information about the product and services provided by a business. Inviting channel descriptions is the best way to hook an audience. It should be short, catchy and relevant to the targeted audience so that potential customers can easily understand your business and get connected with it. The marketing channel description is used for the promotion and sales objective of your business

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