How to make your Telegram group public?

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Are you a Telegram user and planning to create a Telegram group for your audience? I know you would love it to be accessible by everyone. Yet, sometimes it doesn’t work out. There is a small chance you may have to make your Telegram group public. Are you wondering how to do that?

How To Create Telegram Public Group And Channel

How to make your Telegram group public?

  • To create a public group in Telegram, you need to select the “public group” option when setting up a new group.
  • To do this, launch Telegram and then click the “Edit” icon on your group’s profile.
  • Once there, click the “Select Group Type” option, choose “Public Group”, and then click “Save”.

People Also Asked:

Changing Telegram Group from private to public

To make your Telegram group public, follow these steps:Launch the Telegram program.On your group, click the group icon, and then choose “Edit.”Choose “Group settings”, and then select “Public Group”..

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Making Telegram group visible to everyone

In order to make your Telegram group visible for everyone, you need to change it from private to public group. This option can be found in the Privacy and Security section of your group settings.

Changing Telegram group to channel

To change Telegram group to channel, tap the “+” icon at the top-right corner of the screen. Then select “Create Channel”.

The difference between a Telegram group and channel

The difference between a Telegram group and channel

Telegram groups and channels are similar in that they enable people to communicate together. Both can be public or private, and they can contain between 2 and 200,000 members. But where Telegram groups are built around one topic and are intended for longer conversations, channels tend to be more like chat rooms and exist for a fixed period of time (for example, during an event).

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Sharing Telegram Group Link

To share your Telegram group link, simply go to the channel settings and select the Join button. Click on Copy Link. This will generate a URL which you can easily share with fellow members or interested users.

Adding1000 people on Telegram channel

You can add 1000 people by adding or promoting your channel to an existing group, where there are already over 1000 members. You can also get your channel recommendations in the channel search. The more active users you have on a Telegram channel, the higher it will appear in the search results for new members.

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See my Telegram groups

Telegram groups are closed, so they are hidden from public search results. Only members of a group can see its content. 

Changing privacy settings on Telegram

To change your privacy settings on Telegram, you first need to go to your profile and look for the “Settings” menu in the top right corner of your screen.

A public channel in Telegram

Public channels are a feature of the Telegram messenger app. The public channel is a great place for groups, clubs or companies to discuss and exchange news. Public channels can be joined by anyone who wants to join, so you don’t need to be in a private chat with an administrator to get access.

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