How to make friends on Telegram?

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We all have faced the problem of making friends on Telegram, but it is not as hard as it seems. Telegram is a popular messaging application that allows you to create group chats and send encrypted messages.

How to Add Friends on Telegram App by Phone Number? 

How to make friends on Telegram?

  • Telegram is one of the best places to connect with people who share the same interests as you.
  • Join Telegram groups or channels, where you can start interacting with other members who are passionate about the same things as you!
  • Then you can add your new friends to your contacts simply by their username (which means you don’t even need to have their phone number).

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Getting new friends on Telegram

Telegram has a lot of chats and groups you can join. These are great places to meet other Telegram users, as well as share your thoughts with others and make new friends. A really useful feature is being able to search for and add contacts by username.

Adding strangers on Telegram

You can add people who are not on your contacts list to your chats just by knowing their usernames.

Finding people near me on Telegram

If you want to find people near you on Telegram, just head over to Contacts > People Nearby. You’ll be able to see new friends in real time and get in touch quickly.

People seeing my number on Telegram

People seeing my number on Telegram

Within Telegram, the only people who can see your number are your mutual contacts. And if you don’t want them to see it either, you can hide it from them.

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Cant find people on Telegram

The most common reason people cannot find other users on Telegram is that their account has been deleted by the user .

The disadvantage of Telegram

The biggest disadvantage of Telegram is that it’s not as easy to use as WhatsApp. Telegram also boasts some features that may not be considered your primary consideration when comparing the two apps, like security (Tokendesktop) and ad-free texting.

Telegram isn’t a dating app

If you’re looking for a dating app, Telegram isn’t it. But if you want to share files with your friends, or are looking for a secure way to chat with other users (encrypted messaging), Telegram is the best app available.

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Reasons for using Telegram

People use Telegram to send messages and share media with groups of friends, family and colleagues. It’s free and works on all your devices.

Using Telegram anonymously

You can use Telegram anonymously. You can use a nickname instead of your real name.

Telegram is Hard to spy on

Because Telegram is heavily encrypted and uses a distributed network of servers, it’s extremely hard to spy on. Even if someone were able to intercept your messages—which they’d need a court order to do—all that person would be able to see is an encoded piece of text, not the message itself or who it was sent by.

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