How to make a group call on Telegram?

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Did you ever want to make a group call on telegram? Are you afraid to be charged with the money for making calls to limited users? Or are you afraid of security issues? Well, there is an easy and free way of calling on Telegram. Everyone can call anyone in a group.

How To Make A Group Voice Call In Telegram

How to make a group call on Telegram?

  • Telegram has a feature called Group Chat that lets you chat with multiple users at a time.
  • Start a Group Video Chat in Telegram by clicking the Group button on the top right of your display.
  • From there, click the Video button from the drop-down menu.

People Also Asked:

Starting a group voice on Telegram

Starting a voice chat is easier with Telegram than ever before. Just go to your group or channel information page, tap the three dots and choose Start Voice Chat.

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Adding multiple people in Telegram call

You can add multiple people in Telegram call. You can just start a group call with all of your contacts, and then invite them to call one by one.

Making calls on Telegram

To make a call on Telegram, open the app and start typing a contact’s name. Tap on the search button, or swipe down from the top of the screen to see all your contacts. Choose the one you want to call and tap “+call.” Then, hold down the green phone icon next to the message field and drag it into either video or audio recording mode. You can now start talking!

The Number of people who can be on a Telegram call

The Number of people who can be on a Telegram call

A maximum of 30 people can be in a single Telegram video call, while the maximum number of participants in a Voice call is unlimited.

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Telegram group calls can be recorded

Telegram groups calls can be recorded. You need to enable this option in the settings of the group. To do this, click on “More”, then Settings and select “Group settings” from the drop-down menu. Scroll down to the “Group Status and Info” section, tap “Record” and select your preferred recording quality.

Can’t make calls on Telegram

If you’re having trouble making calls on Telegram, try updating your Telegram app to the latest version. To do this on Android, tap Menu > My Updates and Update All, while in iOS tap Settings > General > Software Update.

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Telegram calls are free

Telegram calls are completely free, with no ads and no subscription fees.

Calling someone on Telegram without number

Telegram gives you the ability to call someone without a number. What you need to do is just open the chat with that person and select the circle on the right-hand side of the contact picture. Now click on the ‘Call’ button and enjoy the call.

Telegram video calls are secure

Telegram video call is 100% secure and private. As with all our end-to-end encrypted messaging features, calls are never recorded and stored, so they cannot be intercepted or listened to.

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