How to know channel ID on Telegram?

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How to know the channel ID on Telegram? This is a question that many users new to Telegram ask. In this article, I’m going to explain how you can easily find the channel ID, so that you can join it.

How to Know Channel ID on Telegram

How to know channel ID on Telegram?

  • In order to find your channel ID, Simply open your channel.
  • Tap more on one of the posts of the channel, then choose “Copy Post Link”.
  • You will get a link like this:
  • If you add a -100 to the number in that link, you will get your channel ID: -100987654321

People Also Asked:

Telegram ID

Telegram ID is the name you choose for your account. You can use any name, including a real name, as long as it’s not offensive or impersonating a person. We recommend using your real name so that other Telegram users can reach you easily.

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Private Telegram channel

A private channel is a special Telegram channel that can only be joined by invited users, who must share a special password to enter or in some cases they need to pay a fee. Private channels are handy for small talk between close friends or family members or communicating with colleagues at work.

Difference between Telegram group and channel

Telegram groups and channels work differently. Telegram groups are like the WhatsApp Broadcast list but with a couple of cool addition. While broadcasting in a group is limited to 10,000 members, Telegram channels can be viewed by anyone. A Telegram channel has its own URL which makes it easy for discovery and promotion.

Earning money from Telegram channel

Earning money from Telegram channel

You can earn money from Telegram channel not just by posting ads but you can also sell merchandise on your channel.

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Growing number of subscribers on Telegram

To gain more subscribers on Telegram you need to create an engaging and informative Telegram channel with a clear focus.

Telegram channels safety

Telegram channels are pretty safe. Some channels allow bots, but the bots can’t be installed without the user’s permission.

Public channels on Telegram

Public channels on Telegram

Public channels can be seen by everybody, they are a powerful way to immediately reach your subscribers and advertise your content.

Telegram channel owner sees subscribers

Yes, channel admins can view the total number of subscribers they have. They can also see the people that are online, those who are not, and the ones who have joined their channel recently.

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Telegram channels are Anonymous

Telegram channels allow you to anonymously post without disclosing your identity.

 Defining the Best Telegram channel

The best Telegram channel is the one that has exactly what you want to read. If a channel has interesting content, it will be worth your time to follow it and get notifications.

Most subscribed Telegram channel

Telegram Tips is the most subscribed Telegram channel. With 8.57 subscribers, this channel provides useful tips about using Telegram and how to get the most out of it.

Joining a Telegram group without linking

In order to join a Telegram group without linking, You must be invited by the admin of a group.

Find Your Telegram Channel ID Less Than a Minute

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