How to keep the conversation fresh on Hinge?

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Are you on Hinge? If so, you know it’s a great tool to meet new people. However, conversation tends to get boring after a while. Therefore, I found a few tips that will improve the stuff you say to women on Hinge and hopefully help you get more dates in the process…

How do Hinge dates work?

How to keep the conversation fresh on Hinge?

  • Keep the conversation fresh on Hinge by asking questions that start with “What” and “How.”
  • These will prompt your match to discuss what they like to do in their spare time, how they spend their weekends, etc. For example: What are your favorite things to do on the weekend? How did you get started doing X?
  • Give your match an opportunity to share what they find interesting about themselves!
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People Also Asked:

Messaging on Hinge before asking for a date

You should take your time and don’t feel pressured to ask for a date right away. It’s better to keep messaging with someone for a few days until you feel comfortable, then ask!

Getting hookups on Hinge

You can get hookups on Hinge! You can find 1,000s of local matches whenever and wherever you want, without any commitments or awkward first dates.

The Success of Hinge dates

Hinge dates are a mix of the best of both worlds: you meet people by swiping, but those you swipe right on are already friends of friends. That means they’re people who are likely to be good matches for you—and share similar interests, backgrounds and life goals.

Hinge dates are different

Hinge dates are different

Hinge dates don’t start with the traditional “hey, what’s up” and end with a typical “thanks for meeting me.” For some people, a great first date will go from that first icebreaker to months of talking every day. Hinge is different because it’s all about finding the people around you who want something more after a meaningful conversation.

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Hinge focus is relationships

Hinge is a dating app that is focused on relationships. We believe that today’s dating scene is filled with overwhelming choices, and people deserve a new way to meet. Relationships are hard, but we believe making the right connections can lead to something more meaningful than hookups or one-night stands.

Match based on common interests

On Hinge, your profile is only visible to a small group of people, so the chances of you being matched to your ideal daters are much greater. And there aren’t any awkward or prolonged chats—you’ll be matched based on common interests and mutual friends.

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The most active days on Hinge

Hinge is most active on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Since our members are part of this community and are looking to date, they’re most likely to check their app during these times.

The red flags on a first date

When on a first date, there are definitely some red flags you can look out for. If someone is going to spend the night over and doesn’t have plans to go home after dinner or if they seem hesitant to meet your friends, you might want to move on.

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