How to keep a conversation going on Bumble?

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  • To keep a conversation on Bumble moving forward, transition it towards something more specific by asking her what she is doing on the weekend.
  • If she accepts and sets a date, great! You can now set up a place and time to meet up.
  • This is a good opportunity to transition into someone’s personal space as well and a chance to have a lasting relationship.

How to START a Conversation on BUMBLE 

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What should I say in my first message on Bumble?

The first message you send on Bumble is a great way to introduce yourself and get the conversation started. Focus on being friendly and genuine, not clever. The best thing you can do is be real and genuine in your first message.

What do you say in a Bumble conversation?

Say hi and make it interesting. The first message is the most important one. If you get too personal or pestering, you might scare them away.

How should girls start Bumble conversations?

To start a Bumble convo, girls should just send a hello. It’s always polite to start simple and casual.

How do you say hi in Bumble?

How do you say hi in Bumble?

To say “hi” in Bumble, you could say “Hello!” or use your own language.

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What should I say in a first message?

There are no magic words in a first message. You have to just be yourself. Talk about something you had in common or something that interests you both. Be honest, but don’t fake it. The best thing you can do is say what you like and find appealing about the person.

What is a good response to hey?

A good response to Hey would be: Cool, what’s up?

What should I ask a girl on Bumble?

What should I ask a girl on Bumble?

A good way to break the ice on Bumble is to ask a girl about her interests. It’s a great way to troll for a date idea and it keeps things personal. For example, if you love running, mention a recent schedule change you made that might result in more runs together. 

What is a good opening line on a dating app?

Here are some great opening lines to try on a dating app: “Hey, how’s it going? Looks like we’re both single.” “I ate cereal for dinner last night and thought about you.” “You look pretty cool. Do you like chocolate?”

How do you approach on Bumble?

Everyone on Bumble has one goal, to meet someone awesome. Whether you’re looking for a date, a connection with a new friend, or the best seat for the next big presentation, use our guides to help you make the best first impression.

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How do you start a chat conversation?

Connecting with other users is easy. All you need to do is tap on a person’s name and send them an invitation to chat. Once they accept, you can start an instant message conversation.

What is a good first question to ask on Bumble?

There are a few good first questions to ask on Bumble. You could ask them what they like to do in their spare time, if they have any pets, or what they do for work. They may also tell you who they are hoping to meet on the app!

How do you make a Bumble conversation interesting?

The best way to make a Bumble Conversation interesting is to be yourself. Your best match is someone who shares your interests and values, so if you have similar passions it’s easier to engage in a lively conversation! If you both share a mutual interest, ask questions about their work or hobbies, but do it casually, not in an interrogative way.

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How do you ask a flirty question?

I think it’s important to know the other person first, and then ask questions that are more personal. But when you do ask a flirty question, surprise yourself by blushing and play it off like it was an innocent question!

How do you send a guy a message first on Bumble?

You can send a guy a message on Bumble by swiping right on your screen when you see the profile you are interested in. If they respond, continue the conversation to see if they’re interested.

What are some flirty questions to ask a guy?

There are lots of ways to get to know a person. Find out which is best for you with these flirty questions. Ask them about their favorite ice cream flavor, book, and TV show. Maybe they’ll open up about their favorite video game or their holiday plans this year. Who knows?

Why do I get no matches on Bumble?

If you’re having trouble finding matches on Bumble, it’s likely because you either aren’t using the app correctly or your account has been compromised.

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