How to hide members on Telegram group?

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Are you looking for a way to hide some members on your Telegram group? You will get your answer!

How to Hide Members In Telegram Group || Telegram Group Setting || Tech Of Rao

How to hide members on Telegram group?

  • In Telegram groups, you can prevent members from sending GIFs, stickers, or even just communicating; enable slow mode to impose a once-per-time frame message restriction; temporarily ban or silence people; and more.
  • However, Groups cannot hide their private member list.
  • Only channels, where only the owner or admins may access the member list, are capable of this sort of activity.

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Hiding members in a Telegram group

While you can moderate your group with a variety of settings, you cannot hide the members in the group. You can only ban/kick people or temporary disable them from sending messages.

Seeing members of a group on Telegram

You can see members of a group on Telegram. Once you are added to the group by an administrator, your access will be granted automatically.

Hiding a group chat in Telegram

You can hide a group chat in Telegram. This setting allows you to either hide your personal messages and contacts, or to archive it completely.

Managing a Telegram group

Managing a Telegram group

With Telegram, you can instantly talk with anyone connected to the group, share media and files, and easily make groups with up to 200 people. If you’re a business owner, use Telegram Groups to share updates with customers, or if you’re a parent who wants to stay in touch with your children after school and on the weekend.

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Viewing a Telegram private group without joining it

Unfortunately, you can’t view a Telegram private group without joining it. You have to be a member of the group in order to access its conversations.

Secret chat on Telegram

Secret chat on Telegram is a special private communication mode for exchanging messages. The content of secret chats is not stored anywhere and disappears automatically from both sender and receiver’s devices after 30 days. If a message from this chat is self-destructed, it will completely disappear from all your devices in 1 minute.

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Archive chat in Telegram

Using archive chats might help you manage your talks better. An individual or group chat can be made invisible by being archived so that it no longer appears in your chats list but is still there in your chats.

The difference between Telegram channel and Telegram group

Telegram channel and Telegram group are two different things. A channel is a means to broadcast public messages. A group is a means to chat with different members of the same community.

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