How to get rid of “Just Joined” on Hinge?

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Hinge is a great app for meeting new people without any pressure. And in the world where your profile can live forever, getting rid of your “Just Joined” status seems like a good idea. After all, who wants to tell the world that they just joined? Especially if you are a newcomer to online dating.

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How to get rid of “Just Joined” on Hinge?

  • Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of “Just Joined” on Hinge.
  • The good news is that this status is only on your profile for the first two weeks of your joining the app.
  • Additionally, having this status is not that bad, because other users can certainly make sure that you have an active profile.
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People Also Asked:

Turning off the just joined on Hinge

Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of “Just Joined” on Hinge. We do have a lot of great features though like being able to discover people you have friends in common with and answering questions to find out more about potential matches.

The just-joined thing stay on Hinge for 14 days

The timer on the ‘Just Joined’ feature is set to 14 days. This is a feature that gives Hinge members a chance to see who has just joined, or if friends have connected with each other. The time starts once you log in and are given the notification.

Hinge shows if you’re a new member

When you just sign up for Hinge, it will say “Just joined” on your profile page.

Remove someone from Hinge

Remove someone from Hinge

You can remove someone from Hinge at any time and they will not be notified.

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The same person keeps appearing on Hinge

We understand that you may be seeing the same person over and over again in your Hinge feed. It’s likely because they appear to have mutual friends in common with other potential suitors, and we think this is a great indication that you may have more things in common than you think!

Someone likes you twice on Hinge

If someone likes you twice, it means they found you interesting enough to check out the second time. It’s a great compliment.

Hinge is better than Bumble

Hinge has more women than Bumble, and because it’s newer, it appealed to younger users who want something different. Some men complained that the lack of a free-text feature hindered the ability to strike up conversations. Other reviewers found Hinge’s limited messaging features constraining or confusing. Still, a number of users thought the app was worth a try: “Hinge is a bit simplistic in design, but I like it—because it forces you to think about what you’re going to say,” one reviewer said.

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The number of matches guys get on Hinge

Guys get 2 matches every day on Hinge.

If you delete Hinge and make a new one

If you delete Hinge and reinstall, the app will import your previous profiles. This can take a few minutes. You’ll need to reconnect to your Facebook account in order to access your matches again.

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