How to get exalted photos for my eBay products?

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Ok so let’s just get down to it. Getting pictures taken by a professional photographer can set you back anywhere from $250 – $1000 depending on where you live in the world. This can definitely put a strain on your wallet. But there are alternatives that you can take advantage of that won’t cost you an arm or a leg.

The BEST  Way to take Pictures For eBay Product 

How to get exalted photos for my eBay products?

  • You should get exalted photos for your products. The better the images, the more likely buyers will want to buy from you.
  • So in order to improve your product photos provide even lighting, remove clutter and make sure that the entire area is occupied.
  • Get all the angles so you’re able to capture every important detail in your product photos.
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People Also Asked:

The best way to take pictures for eBay

The best way to take pictures for eBay is with a digital camera that has at least 5 megapixels, a flash and the ability to add text, such as size and color, to your item listing.

Get good lighting for eBay photos

To get good lighting for your eBay photos, try taking your photos in natural or ambient light. The best lighting for shirt pictures can be found outdoors, particularly near the end of the day when you are shooting in open shade. Avoid direct sunlight, which makes colors appear washed out and objects look flat.

Taking good pictures on eBay with iPhone

Taking good pictures on eBay with your iPhone is a matter of understanding how to take great photos as a whole. Other than that, if you have an iPhone 5 or later, you will be able to use burst mode which will give your photos extra clarity and depth.

Take a picture on eBay without glare

Take a picture on eBay without glare

To take a great picture of your product on eBay, keep in mind that light can create glare. If you are indoors, try to shoot the item in direct sunlight for a clear photo. If outdoors, shoot with your subject facing away from daylight and at an angle that reflects the light back to the camera lens.

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A ring light is good for eBay photos

A ring light is good for eBay photos. It helps you take high quality product images that showcase what the product looks like and how it works.

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eBay photo size

eBay photos should be 1600×1200 (ideally), but accepted sizes are 800×600, 1024×768 and 1280×1024. All photos must be in JPEG format and sized correctly, with a file size of under 2 MB each.

Get a white background on eBay

If you want the white background in eBay, you can use a picture with a white background. If your picture doesn’t have a white background then use a drop shadow to darken the edges of your image so that it looks as if there is a white background behind it.

The background you should use for eBay

On eBay, it’s important to use an attractive background for your listings. A plain white or black background can be boring and doesn’t stand out. But, a colorful or patterned background can catch the eye of potential buyers.

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