How to get Badoo on laptop?

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To get Badoo on laptop:

  • You need to go to the official website of Badoo.
  • Search on your browser for and click on “Get the app”.
  • Then click on the option “Get it now” or “Download”.
  • You will see the Google Play Store or Apple App Store based on your device and operating system.
  • Then click on “install”. The installation will start automatically, once it is done you can just open the app and then login to your account.

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People Also Asked:

Does Badoo work on laptop?

Yes, Badoo works on laptop. You can easily download Badoo for Laptop to use this popular online dating app.

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How do I download Badoo on my computer?

To download Badoo, you will need to visit on your computer using a browser like Google Chrome. Once on the Badoo website, click “Download” and follow the prompts to install the app onto your computer.

Can I download Badoo?

Of course, you can download Badoo for free from the App Store. Just look for the search bar in the App Store and enter “badoo” or click here:

Can you use Badoo online?

Can you use Badoo online?

Yes, you can use Badoo online on your computer, tablet and smartphone.

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Are people still using Badoo?

People are still using Badoo. It’s like a social networking site that lets you connect with others nearby. However, I would advise you to use it carefully and don’t reveal too much personal information to strangers

Is Badoo and Bumble the same?

Badoo and Bumble are not the same, but they are both mobile dating apps. Badoo (also known as is a social network and dating app that was founded in 2006 in Moscow, Russia.

Do you have to pay for Badoo?

Do you have to pay for Badoo?

Badoo is free if you don’t mind seeing ads in your feed and notifications. However, if you want to go incognito to avoid those pesky ads, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version of the app for €1 a month or €10 for six months.

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How do I stop Badoo charging me?

If you have a Badoo Premium account and are being charged for it every month, you should contact Badoo team as soon as possible to cancel the subscription. If your subscription has already been cancelled, you will not be charged again.


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