How to forward all messages on Telegram?

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If you are a Telegram user, you should probably know how to forward all messages. But if you don’t, you should learn it now! I will tell you how to forward all messages on Telegram in this article.


How to forward all messages on Telegram?

  • To forward all messages, press and hold any message you wish to forward.
  • A forwarding option () will appear at the top of the chat window.
  • Click on it and a dropdown menu will open, allowing you to select either to forward it to any other Telegram user or to store it in your storage folder.
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People Also Asked:

Forwarding multiple messages in Telegram

You can forward multiple messages in Telegram by tapping the forward icon, typing in the message and choosing the contacts to whom you want to send it.

Auto forwarding messages on Telegram

You can use Activation checkbox to automate a lot of tasks on Telegram. For example, we can automatically forward all messages from any chat to another chat, or auto-reply to messages received in the new chat.

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The number of messages to forward

You can forward as many messages as you like without any restrictions.

Selecting all messages in Telegram channel

Selecting all messages in Telegram channel

You can select all messages in a Telegram channel by clicking on the first message and pressing shift + click on the last one. You will see a ticker showing “Selected messages” at the bottom of your screen.

Telegram deleting messages for both parties

Telegram users can choose to delete messages for both parties, or only for the sender.

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Send unlimited messages

In Telegram you can send messages to an unlimited number of people, so long as you have the groups permission to do so.

Third-party apps accessing your messages

Telegram messages are not stored on our servers and cannot be read or intercepted by third parties.

Backing up Telegram chats on mobile

You can backup your Telegram chat on mobile without email. You can find the backup files in your mobile’s Gallery or you can install a third-party app to backup the chats.

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