How to find hidden clearance in Walmart app?

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Walmart has changed its rewards program. They started a policy of excluding “clearance items” from the 5% discount offered to Walmart online shoppers. How do you find these hidden clearances? Let me take you step by step through the process of finding hidden clearance items in the Walmart app.

How to Find HIDDEN Walmart Clearance Deals at Your Store

How to find hidden clearance in Walmart app?

  • Walmart’s clearance section is really easy to find if you know where to look.
  • If you’re looking for the best deals and discounts, just check the sale section in their app.
  • In addition to finding great deals on clothing and home goods, you can find clearance items hidden in this section too.

The clearance on the new Walmart App

The clearance section in the Walmart app is at the top of their homepage. Simply tap ‘clearance’ in the navigation to view all of their deals. We also have designated shelves and departments throughout all of their locations dedicated to clearance items only, so don’t forget to check those areas too!

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Filtering clearance in Walmart App

If you want to filter clearance in Walmart App, you may need to search for products with “clearance” in their name. Or locate the category of product you are looking for and then click the “clearance” filter icon.

Scan clearance items at Walmart

Scan clearance items at Walmart by applying the corresponding scan code to each item. An associate will then carry the item to the customer service desk for you.

Finding penny items at Walmart

Finding penny items at Walmart

You should always look out for the new penny shopping section because most of the time, they stock up with a lot of items on sale. You can look forward to finding those items all throughout Walmart’s physical store as well as online in their website.

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Using BrickSeek at Walmart

BrickSeek at Walmart is a great tool that helps you find the best deals at Walmart. It will show you what other people have paid for items in the past, when there have been sales and super sales on an item, if there is a rebate available or not, what stores carry an item, even if their prices are cheaper than their competitors!

Days that Walmart mark down items

Walmart has sales every day, but certain items are marked down on certain days of the week. Most items are marked down on Monday, but sometimes Tuesday and Wednesday too, depending on what it is.

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Walmart clearance meaning

Clearance is the final markdown of inventory that Walmart wants to sell before it has to throw it away. Some items might be returned or damaged, but most are perfectly fine products that were just over-ordered by their vendor and need to go. In other words, clearance at Walmart is a really good deal!

Scaning barcodes on the Walmart app

On the Walmart app, you can scan a barcode by using the camera in your phone. In your account details page, tap the plus button and then select Scan Barcode. Alternatively, swipe down from the top of any screen and tap on the Scan Barcode option. Once you open it up and aim at a barcode, there should be a picture that appears with an orange outline around it.

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