How to edit my Amazon review?

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  1. Head over to Your Account.
  2. Click on “Place an order”. This will take you to an order page.
  3. Click on “Reviews and Feedback” at the top of the screen.
  4. You will see all of your reviews, both positive and negative.
  5. Find the review(s) you wish to modify or remove and click “Edit Review”.
  6. You can also go to the product detail page on and click the “Edit Review” button, located below the product ratings box.

How to edit/delete an Amazon review

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People Also Asked:

Can I change feedback I left on Amazon?

You can not change the feedback you left for a seller on Amazon. Instead, You can delete it and post a new feedback. 

Can Amazon reviews be removed?

Yes, Amazon reviews can be removed. You just need to find the review you want to remove and delete it.

How do I remove a name from my Amazon review?

In order to hide your name on reviews, you need to change your profile name. So, go to your Account section and click Login and security. Then tap on Edit next to your name.

Can an author remove an Amazon review?

Can an author remove an Amazon review?

Authors cannot remove an Amazon review. If you wish to have the review removed, select the “report abuse” link which is located at the bottom right of every review and choose “other.”

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Can you remove negative Amazon review? How do I remove negative feedback on Amazon?

You can’t remove a negative Amazon review from the Amazon product page, but if you believe it was inappropriate, you can ask Amazon to take it down or the reviewer to remove it.

How do I remove feedback on Amazon app?

Find the feedback you want to remove and select Remove next to it.

Where is my submitted feedback on Amazon?

Where is my submitted feedback on Amazon?

It may take a few days for your feedback to appear on This time period can vary depending on the volume of feedback being processed by our team as well as the type of product or transaction associated with it. Your feedback will appear in your customer’s order details within 48 hours of receipt by Amazon.

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Can’t find my Amazon review?

If you don’t see your Amazon review or rating, it’s possible that your review has not yet been submitted to the site. In order for a customer’s feedback to be published on Amazon, it must be approved by their team first.

How do I cancel feedback on Amazon?

Feedback can be canceled on Amazon. But you have to have a valid reason to cancel it or you will be suspended from Amazon.

How do I request a negative feedback removed?

How do I request a negative feedback removed?

You can ask Amazon to take it down or the reviewer to remove it.

How do I request a review removed on Amazon?

To request a review removed on Amazon, first you need to open a new support case and select Account Settings > Orders > Customer feedback problems. Then provide your reasoning for requesting the removal of a review and then send the message.

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What name shows on Amazon review? Can I change my name on an Amazon review?

First log in to your Amazon account and open the ‘Crossing Swords’ product page. 
Scroll down to the ‘Customer Reviews’ section, and click the “Write a customer review” button.
In the top-right corner of “Your Reviews” page, there will be a “Pen Name” button. If you want to a different name to be shown with your reviews, click the ‘Change’.

What is a display name for a review?

It is the name being shown next to your comments and reviews.

Can buyer remove negative feedback Amazon?

Yes, they can. buyers can remove negative feedback on Amazon. The seller has no control over buyer feedback for products he has purchased.

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