How to delete liked videos on TikTok?

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  • In order to delete your liked videos:
  • Simply scroll down to your account and you can view all of your liked videos from the “Me” tab.
  • To remove a video from your “Liked” list, click on the heart next to that video, scroll back up and you’ll see the option for disliking or deleting that video.

How to Delete Liked Videos on TikTok

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Delete liked videos on TikTok

To delete all liked videos on Tiktok, you need to first go to the settings and then click on “Account.” Then scroll down to find the “Remove Liked Videos” option and tap on it. Now, you will have to select the videos that you want to un-like.

TikTok delete old liked videos

No, TikTok doesn’t delete old liked videos.

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Delete activity on TikTok

You can delete activity on TikTok by going to your profile, clicking the three dots, and then selecting “delete activity.”

Clear data on TikTok

Clear data on TikTok

Yes, you can clear the cache on TikTok to improve your performance. To clear your caches on TikTok, go to Settings > App Settings > Clear Cache & Data.

Clear mode on TikTok

Clear mode on TikTok is a feature that allows you to see all of your current likes and comments, but hide them from everyone else.

Delete all TikTok videos in 2022

To delete all TikTok videos in 2022, log into your account and go to your profile page. Scroll down and click Delete My Account.

Clearing cache on TikTok

Clearing cache on TikTok

Clear cache on TikTok is a setting that allows you to clear the cache of your downloaded videos from your device. Clearing the cache helps reduce the storage usage on your device and make more space available for more of your downloads.

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Limit of liked videos on TikTok

 You can like 5000 videos on TikTok 

Scroll to the bottom of TikTok likes

To scroll to the bottom of your TikTok likes, you can use your mouse or touchpad to scroll down. The scroll bar is located at the bottom of your screen. Simply click on it to move down one page at a time.

My boyfriend likes on TikTok

To see what your boyfriend likes on TikTok, open a new incognito window and log in to the app as your boyfriend. Then, view his likes.

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Viewing my TikTok history

You can view the history of your account by tapping the “View More” option. This will bring you to your TikTok page. From there, select the “History” tab and your final video will appear at the top with other videos that you have uploaded.

Clearing cache difference with clearing history

Clearing cache is different from clearing history on TikTok. Clearing your cache will help improve your connection to the app and make it run faster while clearing history removes everything you have ever done on the app.

TikTok seeing your screen record

TikTok can’t tell if you screen record because the app doesn’t access your phone’s camera.


How to Delete Liked Videos on TikTok

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