How to define Hinge app?

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Hinge is a new dating app that matches you up with friends of friends. It has a unique matching algorithm so you can see people who are likely to be compatible with you, as rated by your friends on Facebook.

Hinge Dating App Review 👍🏼👎🏼

What is Hinge app?

  • Hinge is the newest phenomenon among dating apps.
  • Unlike other dating apps, Hinge focuses on finding lasting relationships for the users.
  • Hinge application is available for iOS and Android devices.

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Hinge Is a dating app

We designed our app to focus on dating and not just physical attraction. Our onboarding process, profile questions, and one-on-one sessions with your matchmaker help provide our users with more context around their matches than simply swiping through profiles based on attractiveness

Hinge difference with Tinder

Hinge is different than Tinder in that we match you with friends-of-friends, based on age and where you live. Using a set of intelligent algorithms, Hinge gets to know you and helps you find matches similar to you in terms of education, lifestyle, personality traits, and more. So yes, it’s like Tinder except with much better matches.”

Reasons for using Hinge

Hinge can be used to help find the right person in your city. It uses your Facebook profile to find friends of friends in an attempt to match you with someone who works at the same company, does not live too far from you, and thinks that pizza is better than tacos.

Age group suitable for Hinge

Age group suitable for Hinge

Hinge is for anyone over the age of 21 who’s looking for a date. As a dating app, we generally encourage users to use our app once they’re ready to date with the intention of meeting someone special.

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Hinge and Bumble: Similar and different

Hinge and Bumble are similar in many ways, but they also differ in significant ways. Hinge focuses on more serious relationships; Bumble is more casual and sexual.

Hinge for females

Hinge is designed for the modern female. With Hinge, women can date freely. She can browse through singles and just connect with those who catch her eye. When she’s ready for a conversation, she’ll be able to get it out of the way with questions like “How many dogs do you own?” or “Are you a liberal or conservative?”

Searching for someone on Hinge

Searching for someone on Hinge

There is no search feature on Hinge, where you can find someone you don’t know yet. You have to match your potential another half into a real person and only then you can communicate with them.

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Popularity of Hinge

Hinge is popular because it focuses on quality of matches, rather than quantity. That’s why you only receive photos and hand-selected personal details from users in your area. And if you like someone, we make it super easy to start a conversation — so you can meet your match without feeling awkward or nervous.

Date seriously with Hinge

Hinge is first and foremost focused on creating real relationships. We believe that the best relationships come from getting to know someone over time, whether it’s through getting married or just having a great date. Hinge was created to be more like dating in real life: To have you meet good people, have fun going out with them, and get connected to them.

Be aware of fake profiles on Hinge

Hinge makes meeting new people fun, but we get it. If you want to know if someone on Hinge is fake, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, there are a few bad apples who use fake profiles to trick people into sending them money or for other nefarious purposes.

Cheaters don’t have a place on Hinge

Hinge is not a dating app that promotes infidelity. Its purpose is to help you find a meaningful relationship, not just anyone. To accomplish this goal, we have taken many steps including limiting the profiles of people that you have mutual friends with and only allowing you to message people after they send you a message first.

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Users of Hinge

The Hinge dating app is for anyone seeking the possibility of a real connection. Founded on the best principles of modern inclusivity and equality, Hinge is owned by Spark Networks. Tap any profile to connect with people nearby.

Hinge premium

Hinge is free, but we offer a premium experience for $19.99 a month so you can get unlimited swipes, see who likes you and make plans through the Hinge app.

Flirt with girls on Hinge

When it comes to flirting on Hinge, we encourage you to be yourself and share your genuine passions. You’ll have the most success if you’re authentic and open up about what matters most to you in life.

The reputation of Hinge

Hinge is a social dating app for iOS and Android that helps you meet people with similar interests, who live in your neighborhood. Perfect for the more serious bachelors and bachelorettes who want to skip swiping through endless profiles and get down to business!

HINGE APP how to use?

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