How to create new telegram account with same number?

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  • Unfortunately, you can’t.
  • You can only have one account with the same number on Telegram.
  • However, with individual phone numbers, you can have up to three Telegram accounts on one phone.

How To Create Telegram Account Without Phone Number In 2021 ! No Need To Phone Verification

Telegram without phone number | Multiple telegram accounts

People Also Asked:

Can I have two Telegram accounts with the same number?

No. a phone number can only be associated with one Telegram account.

How can I create a Telegram account without phone number?

You cannot create a Telegram account without having a valid phone number. You will be able to use your Telegram account only when you have verified it by phone number.

Can you make a second Telegram?

Yes, you can make a second Telegram account. To get started, you will need to verify your phone number and enter a new PIN code on your new account.

Can I merge two Telegram accounts?

Can I merge two Telegram accounts?

You can log in another Telegram user and merge the source dialog with your chat with the chat you have with the user that was logged in. This allows you to see your chats as one, without losing any of your messages and contacts.

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Can I open Telegram on 2 phones?

Of course! You can log in to Telegram from as many of your devices as you like — all at the same time.

Does Telegram need phone number?

yes, you need to have a phone number connected to your Telegram account.

Is Telegram owned by Google?

Is Telegram owned by Google?

No, Telegram is not owned by Google. Telegram is owned and operated by Pavel Durov, who also owns VKontakte (VK) – the largest European social network with over 100M active users and 600K new accounts being created daily.

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Can people see your phone number on Telegram?

Your phone number is private and only a small amount of people can see it on Telegram. (You can also hide your number from any contacts you don’t want to see it.)

How can I add more than 3 Telegram accounts?

If you want to add more than 3 Telegram accounts, then you need to have 3 individual phone numbers.

Why is Telegram harmful?

Why is Telegram harmful?

Telegram is harmful because it allows free and anonymous publishing of any content, including public groups and channels in which it is possible to make anonymous or fake accounts.

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Which country has most Telegram users?

Russia has the most Telegram users, followed by Iran and Germany.

Has Telegram been hacked?

No. Telegram has not been hacked and will never be. In fact, we are able to maintain our users’ privacy and security because we have a team of more than 200 developers constantly working on the app, improving it and adding new features.

Is Telegram safe to send photos?

Yes, Telegram is safe to send photos. The private cloud photos are encrypted and stored on your device. We don’t have access to your photos or messages.

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