How to create a poll on Telegram?

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  • Open the Telegram app.
  • Click on the group or the channel, you want to make a poll.
  • On the menu box and choose “Pool”.
  • First, add a poll question and then fill out the choices.
  • Finally, run the poll and enjoy the results!

How to Create Poll in Telegram Group||Make a Poll Questions on Your Channel

How to Create a Poll in Telegram

People Also Asked:

How do I make poll on Telegram?

To make a poll in Telegram, tap on the green plus icon > Next, select Polls > Type your question in the text box and choose the options for voting. You can add photos, videos and audio files as well.

What is quiz mode in Telegram?

Telegram’s quiz mode is a card-based system that lets you create your own interactive quizzes and polls. You can build your quiz or poll using text and images, or use our built-in templates for popular games like “Who am I?”. Now you can easily conduct large-scale surveys on any topic.

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How can I create bot in Telegram?

You can create a bot in Telegram either manually or automatically. The manual process is described in Creating a bot manually, whereas the automatic one can be arranged via either API or BotFather.

Can I earn money from Telegram bot?

Can I earn money from Telegram bot?

Indeed, you can earn money from Telegram bot. 

How can I create quiz questions in Telegram?

You can use your text messages to create quizzes in Telegram. Send a message with a ‘?’ to @BotFather and select New Bot for First and Last Name. Follow the instructions and then activate your bot. You can now respond to any message sent by your bot with another message that contains a quiz question!

Why quiz bot is not working in Telegram?

because of the technical reason that your phone number needs to be verified before you can use the Inbound messaging function (bots, website URL).

How do I pin a Telegram poll?

How do I pin a Telegram poll?

Open the Telegram conversation you wish to save. Up until a popup window displays, tap on the chat. Choose “Pin,” then specify whether you want other parties to be informed that you pinned it. Tap “PIN” to confirm your activity.

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What is retract vote in Telegram?

To retract your vote, go to the chat where you voted, tap on the word “retract” next to the poll, and confirm that you want to retract your vote.

Can I make a poll on Whatsapp?

No, WhatsApp doest have this feature.

How do you create an Instagram poll?

How do you create an Instagram poll?

You can create an Instagram poll by taking a photo and then using the tools in your Instagram Story to add text that introduces the poll. You can also add multiple choice questions that give viewers a range of answers to choose from.

How can I remove quiz bot in Telegram?

Go to your Telegram’s profile settings and enable the option “Only show bots you added in this chat”. Then go to your bot, tap the settings cogwheel icon in the top right corner and select “Remove from this chat”.

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What is Telegram supergroup?

Telegram supergroup is just a telegram group with a lot of members. The purpose of in a supergroup is to build an online community that offers more security, privacy and convenience than any other online messaging app.

What does pinned mean on Telegram?

Pinned is a feature on Telegram that allows you to pin a message and make it stay at the top of your friends’ chats, making it easier for you to reach important information.

What is bot father?

The supreme bot is called BotFather. Use it to manage your current bots and create new bot accounts. Message sent. You can get in touch if you have Telegram.

How to Create a Poll on Telegram

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