How to contact Badoo by phone?

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How to contact badoo by phone? I mean this should be a simple question to answer But, if you search the web for how to contact badoo by phone, you get much of nothing but I will answer this question for you in this article.


How to contact Badoo by phone?

  • Contacting Badoo by the phone is easy
  • the best way is to call on +33 1 74 75 10 10.
  • It’s a free number and you may be asked to leave a message.
  • They will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Their phone number is also available on the official website.
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Connecting to Badoo

You can connect to Badoo by opening the app, tapping “Connect” and filling in your password.

Getting your money back from Badoo

You can get your money back with Badoo by submitting a withdrawal request. Log into your Badoo account, go to the dashboard and click “Withdrawal/Refund” under “My Payment”. Enter the amount, select your preferred payment method, enter all requested information and select “Submit”.

Badoo blocking your account

If your account is blocked, it means you were abusing the rules of the application. Usually, this happens when users use the Badoo app in any other way than intended – for example: trying to hack our system to manipulate their accounts, sending spam and malicious links, posting porn or adult content in public groups and communities.”

Deleting your Badoo account

Deleting your Badoo account

Your Badoo account can’t be automatically deleted. You can delete it in the app or on, but you need to do it manually.

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Can’t log into Badoo

If you can’t log into Badoo, please check your email address, phone number and password to make sure they’re entered correctly

Deleting someone on Badoo

Deleting someone from your Badoo profile will remove them from your friends list and remove their access to sending you messages on the app. The only way someone could find out that you have deleted them is if they are searching through your friends list for themselves.

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Unsubscribing from Badoo on iPhone

To unsubscribe from Badoo on your Iphone, go to your email inbox and select the message that’s the update subscription. If you don’t have this message in your inbox, it may be hiding in the spam folder. Follow the instructions for un-subscribing and it will be gone from your account permanently.”

Badoo is safe to pay

Badoo is safe to pay because it uses a secure payment system. Using the Badoo website, you can add the debit or credit card details you wish to use.

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