How to clear Telegram cache on iPhone?

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  • Launch Telegram on your iPhone device and go to settings.
  • Then, open data storage and tap on storage usage.
  • And from there clear the cache of your Telegram easily.

How to Clear Cache in Telegram App to Save Space on iPhone?

How to clear data in telegram for iOS

People Also Asked:

Where is Telegram cache stored in iPhone?

The Telegram cache is stored on your iPhone. The Telegram cache contains all photos, videos, and documents that you’ve sent or received.

How do you clear the cache on Telegram?

To clear the cache on Telegram, log in to your account and select Settings from the navigation menu. Scroll down to Privacy and Security, then tap Clear Cache. The next time you open Telegram, it will look as if you’re starting over again, but all your messages will remain intact in your chats.

How do I clear my app cache on iPhone?

You can clear your app cache on iPhone by going to the Settings app, then General and then Storage. This will show you the storage space used by all of your apps. To reset the cache for specific apps, tap on that app and then click Reset App Preferences at the bottom of the screen.

What happens if you delete the cache on Telegram?

What happens if you delete the cache on Telegram?

If you delete the cache on Telegram, the files you’ve downloaded will be deleted. All files are stored in your Telegram directory.

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Does clearing Telegram cache delete messages?

Clearing Telegram cache deletes cached files and messages but not your chats or the history.

Where is Telegram cache?

Telegram cache is the data that is stored on your phone after you view it. Some people use Telegram as a messenger, which means there is a need to store cache of messages in their phones. If you want to view Telegram messages in offline mode, you will need to get into the Telegram cache.

Does iPhone have app cache?

Does iPhone have app cache?

Yes, iPhone has app cache. If you have upgraded to iOS 10 or higher, you will notice that Apple has added an option in the Settings menu to clear the app cache.

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How can I delete documents and data from iPhone Telegram?

To delete a document or data from iPhone Telegram, please go to Settings app → Document and tap on the selected file you want to remove. Then tap on “Delete” icon in it.

Does Telegram use a lot of storage?

Telegram doesn’t consume much space on your devices, and you can save your history for as long as you like so that the messages stay private even if you reinstall the application.

How can I manage my Telegram storage?

How can I manage my Telegram storage?

You can manage your Telegram storage by going to Settings and choosing Privacy & Security. Then, expand Advanced Settings and select Clear Cache.

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How can I delete my video from Telegram?

You can delete your video from Telegram just like you do with other types of messages.

Where is Telegram cloud storage?

To access cloud storage, you must switch to Telegram app. Click on the menu button on the left top side of the app and then choose Settings> Cloud storage.

Where can I delete Telegram files?

You can delete Telegram files by clicking the Delete button on your Telegram homepage, or go to Chats, tap on the chat you want to delete and tap on the trash icon.

How long does Telegram store data?

Telegram servers store messages, photos and videos for as long as you want them to. There are no expiry dates – we believe this is the way it should be.

HOW TO CLEAR and SET Telegram CACHE on Android, iPhone and PC

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