How to check your Amazon digital credit balance?

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You want to know how much your Amazon gift card is worth and how do you check the digital balance of your balance? It’s very easy.

How To View Credits Amazon Offers

How to check your Amazon digital credit balance?

  • You can find your digital credit balance in the Account section of My Account.
  • You can use this balance to fund certain digital purchases via, including Kindle eBooks and Music, Amazon Appstore for Android purchases, or items from the Digital Video Store or Amazon Instant Video.
  • You can also apply any unused balance toward an order when you checkout on

People Also Asked:

Seeing Amazon credit amount

Amazon credit amounts can be viewed on the payment confirmation page of the order. If you are using a payment method that doesn’t update the amount of your credit, you can check your Amazon account to see the total amount. You may also see this information by contacting customer service.

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Finding out when Amazon Digital credit expire

Amazon Digital Credit is valid for six months from the date of purchase. Your account balance must be in credit, and your digital purchase must be available to download before you can redeem it. You can find out how much credit you have by visiting Manage Your Digital Purchases on your Amazon account.

Viewing digital purchases on Amazon

You can view your digital purchases on by visiting the Manage Your Kindle page. Here you can see a list of your Digital Orders, how many times it has been loaned out, and when it will expire. You can also manage your available downloads using this page.

Claiming digital rewards on Amazon

Claiming digital rewards on Amazon

You can claim digital rewards on Amazon by following the instructions in your email notification. Each offer has a unique code that you must enter on the details page of the offer to receive your credit.

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Amazon digital credit

An Amazon digital credit is a payment method that lets you buy books and other goods and services on This digital credit can be used like cash to pay for your order.

Using Amazon credits

When you use your Amazon Credits, you can apply them to any eligible purchase on Amazon. To use your Amazon Credits: Go to Your Account and select the Payment Option box near your account name. Find or select your Amazon Currency balance, then click on Enter Credit Balance. Click Apply Credit Balance to place an order on

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Digital purchase

A digital purchase is a purchase made from an online retailer that uses a credit card. For example, if you buy something from by using your credit card, this is known as a digital purchase

Using Amazon digital credit to rent movies

You can use your Amazon digital credit to rent movies. You’ll find a variety of movies and TV shows available on Prime Video

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