How to change your shipping address on Shein?

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  • In order to change your shipping address go to the checking out page.
  • Choose the Billing address (It is the same as the shipping address) and tap edit.
  • Submit your new address and tap Confirm.

How To Change Your Address on Shein App

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How do I edit shipping address on Shein?

To edit your shipping address on Shein, simply log into your account and select the “Shipping Address” link. From there, you will be able to edit your address as well as add a new one.

Can I change shipping address after shipped?

No, you cannot change the shipping address after it has been shipped.

How do I change my location on Shein app?

To change your country on the Shein App, please follow these steps: Go to My Account, click on “Account Settings”, select “Personal Information” and then click on the country where you would like to have your location changed.

What happens if I put the wrong billing address on Shein?

What happens if I put the wrong billing address on Shein?

If the wrong billing address is entered on Shein, your order will be canceled and you will not be refunded.

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Can I cancel a Shein order before it ships?

Yes, you can cancel a Shein order before it ships. There is a 10% restocking fee applied to orders canceled after the 7th business day and prior to shipment.

How long does Shein delivery take?

SheIn delivers to most countries in 10 to 25 days. When you place an order with SheIn, we endeavor to start processing it as soon as possible.

How do I verify my address with Shein?

How do I verify my address with Shein?

To verify your address with Shein, you will first need to provide your name, email address and phone number. You can only use one address per account.

What happens if a Shein package never arrives?

If you’ve purchased a package from Shein and it hasn’t arrived yet, don’t worry! We’ll track your order to make sure it has been received by the destination. Once we confirm delivery, we will refund your purchase.

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Does Shein use child labor?

No, Shein does not use child labor in any part of our supply chain or factory. We are an ethical company that cares about our employees. To ensure the safety of our workers, we maintain a strict policy that no underage workers are permitted to perform any tasks within the factories where our products are made.

Does Shein deliver to your door?

Yes, Shein ships internationally and the delivery usually takes 7-10 business days.

Can Shein be trusted?

YES! They have been in business for years, creating new trends each season. Shein offers a range of more than 15,000 items at the lowest prices. Shein is a trustworthy company that is responsive to customer complaints and complaints from employees.

Is Shein shipping reliable?

Shein is one of the most popular fashion etailers in China. They offer a wide selection of designer brands at affordable prices. Shein gives you free express shipping worldwide, with orders usually arriving in about 6-10 days.

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Does SHEIN refund money?

SHEIN has a great refund policy that allows shoppers to return an item within 15 days of receiving it. The manufacturer will also send you a prepaid shipping slip in order to return your items.

How do you hack SHEIN points?

The best way to hack SHEIN points is to use your own referral code during the checkout process. Once you have referred a friend and they have completed a purchase, you will be rewarded with points.

Can you make 2 orders on Shein?

Yes you can order from Shein. Choose your items and make two orders in order to get the free shipping option.

How do you sue Shein?

You can sue shein for false advertising. If a Shein pic has a model wearing the garments based on the description and price of the product, it should be true and accurate. If not then you can sue them.


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