How to change the shipping address on Shein after order?

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  • The shipping address cannot be changed for orders that have already been shipped.
  • But if your order is still unshipped, you should go to “My Orders” and edit your billing address from there.

How To Change Your Address on Shein App

People Also Asked:

Can you change the shipping address after you placed an order?

You can change your shipping address at anytime before we ship your order.

How do I change my location on Shein?

Here’s how to change your location on Shein. First, tap the “Search” icon at the top of your screen. Then, tap on the country where you’d like to shop, and then bookmark it by tapping the heart icon.

How do I redirect a Shein package?

You can redirect a Shein package by visiting the package page, clicking on “Help” and then selecting “Redirect Package.”

Can I cancel a Shein order before it ships?

Can I cancel a Shein order before it ships?

Yes, you can cancel a Shein order before it ships. If an item is out of stock and they cancel your order, you’ll receive a full refund. You can only cancel your order if there are no products or sizes left in your cart.

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Can I edit my SHEIN order?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept edits on your SHEIN order after it is placed.

Do I get my money back when I cancel a SHEIN order?

Your SHEIN purchase is protected by our easy-to-use and safe payment system. If you want to cancel your order, you can do so immediately with no questions asked within 30 minutes of placing your order. After 30 minutes, we will not provide a refund.

Does SHEIN refund money?

Does SHEIN refund money?

YES! SHEIN does refund money in the unlikely event of receiving a damaged item. Shein’s return policy is very straightforward and simple. In order to be eligible for a refund, you must contact customer service within 24 hours of delivery, and they will provide you with an address where you can send the item back.

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What happens if I send my Shein to the wrong address?

In the unfortunate event that you send your Shein to the wrong address, you will be responsible for the cost of resending it. Please make sure to double-check your shipping address before purchasing.

How do I change the shipping address on a package?

To change the shipping address on a package, go to your order activity page. Click on the “View Package Details” link and you will see a section called “Shipping Address”, where you can adjust the address for your order.

What happens if Shein order doesn’t arrive?

In case your order doesn’t arrive at the time frame, you can always send your package to our warehouse for a free re-delivery or return. If Shein cannot deliver your package, we will arrange for a refund.

Can you make 2 orders on Shein?

Yes, you can make up to 2 orders on Shein every 24 hours.

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How do you sue Shein?

You don’t really sue Shein. If you are displeased with the product, you can contact their customer service and request a refund or exchange.

Does Shein deliver before estimated date?

Yes, Shein is an international online fashion brand that is known to deliver before the estimated date.

Why does Shein get hate?

Shein is one of those brands that always get hate. Shein is known for its cheap prices. This means that the clothes aren’t high quality. People who buy Shein usually don’t care about quality, they just want to save money so they can buy more stuff!

What does Shein do with returned clothes?

Shein does not resell returned items from customers. Instead, returned clothes are recycled by our manufactures. Shein works with a variety of factories and suppliers to recycle clothing, reduce waste, and cut costs for both companies and customers.


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