How to change notification sound on Ring app?

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Hey! Today we are going to talk about changing notification sound on Ring app!! Today we are going to share a very cool trick with you. I am sure you all love ring app for your iPhone, iPad and MacBook because of it’s wonderful features. But there is one thing that every one of us hate which is the notification sound. We can’t change the notification sound and the default notification sound is the worst! Don’t you agree? Here in this article, I am going to share a trick for ring app for iPhone, iPad and MacBook which will let you to set any song as your ring tone!!

How Do I Change my Ring Chime Tones in the Ring App?

How to change notification sound on Ring app?

  • To change the notification sound in the ring app, select Settings and tap Notifications.
  • Select Ring Sound.
  • Choose the ring you want and do the same way for all your devices.

People Also Asked:

Changing the notification sound on Ring

You can change the notification sound on Ring. Go to ‘Settings’ in the menu at the top of your home screen, then tap ‘Alerts’. You’ll see an option for ‘Ring notifications’. Just tap that and you can select a new sound from our library of sounds.

Changing Ring Chime tones in the Ring app

You can customize your Ring Chime tones in the Ring app. Scroll down to your device and tap Sounds & Notifications. A list of available sounds will be displayed, allowing you to select a tone for the doorbell and motion events on your StickUp Cam or StickUp Cam Wired. For doorbell rings, you can pick from all available tones but there are only ten different options for motion events.

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Changing Ring notification settings

To change your Ring notification settings, you’ll need to: Open your Ring app on your phone or tablet. Tap “Settings” in the upper right corner and then select “Notifications.”

The difference between Ring alerts and motion alerts

The difference between Ring alerts and motion alerts

Motion alerts let you see activity near your doorbell or in a room with just a photo or video. With Ring alerts, you can be notified of events at any time, and even control the lights and thermostat in every room without getting out of bed.

Does Ring have holiday sounds?

Yes, ring has holiday sounds. You can pick the special ringtone you want to hear at Christmas, Thanksgiving and any other time.

Can you download Ring chimes?

Yes, you can download ring chimes! Ring Chimes are compatible with Amazon Alexa devices, Apple HomeKit devices and Google Assistant devices.

What is linked chimes on Ring?

What is linked chimes on Ring?

Linked Chimes on Ring is a way to build your ring with chimes that are linked to each other. This allows you to add more smart devices and easily control them all through the free Android or iOS app. This feature is only available in the SmartThings app and will not work with the SmartThings Classic app.

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Getting notifications from Ring app

To get notifications from Ring app you have to turn on notification setting inside of the app and then choose which notifications you’d like to receive. You can choose from Motion Sensors or Doorbell Missed Alerts, both are available by tapping on this circle button at the top of your screen. Once its turned on, you will see a green circle button appear at the top of your screen with your options for setting up Ring notifications.

Sneaking past the doorbell Ring

Don’t want to answer the door? You can sneak by Ring. Open the app, then go to your doorbell from the Video Library and press Play. When the video starts playing, hold down on the screen for 1-2 seconds and a bell will ring twice. Then all is quiet and there’s no one at home! Definitely useful if you’re having company over or just feel like taking advantage of them by giving them a treat.

Making Ring notification silent

Your Ring can be muted for 15 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours or overnight. You can enable it via the Ring app: Go to Settings > Notifications > Ring and slide the button to Silent Mode

Telling if someone is watching you on Ring

You can tell if someone is watching you on Ring if the motion sensor lights up in the app, but you will not know who it is. That’s because Ring does not send you a notification when someone activates their motion sensor in your neighborhood; however, users can receive an alert if their doorbell detects motion and the button is pressed or rung.

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The difference between Ring and Ring Chime

The difference between Ring and Ring Chime is that one of them is best suited for indoor use while the other is a multi-room speaker that can be used both inside and outside of your house.

Is Ring Chime Pro louder than Ring Chime?

Yes, the Ring Chime Pro is louder than the Ring Chime. It’s also more powerful, so it can be heard in loud or windy conditions.

How many ring chimes can you have?

You can have up to five ring chimes with your Plus package.

Adding custom sounds to Ring

Yes! You can choose to use the custom sound selection option, which allows you to set any sound file on your mobile device as a ringtone. To do this, navigate to Settings >Sounds & Vibration>Ringtone.

Does Ring Chime have different sounds?

Yes, Ring Chime has different sounds to change it up and make sure you don’t get tired of the same sound.

Changing Ring Chime to Christmas

You can change your Ring Chime to Christmas by pressing and holding the top of the chime for 2 seconds.


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