How to change distance on Bumble?

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  • You can change the distance setting on Bumble to increase or decrease the distance between you and a match. To change your distance setting, swipe left from your profile screen.
  • This will open up the Settings screen, which has a section for Distance. Set this slider to either Longer (to increase distance) or Shorter (to decrease the distance).

How to Change Your Location in Bumble!


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Can you change location settings on Bumble?

Yes, you can change your location settings on Bumble. To do so, click on the account menu in the top-right corner of the app and select “General”. From there, you will be able to modify your location settings.

Why are my Bumble matches so far away?

Your location affects how you’re matched on Bumble. Your approximate distance to your matches is based on the accuracy of your GPS signal and varies by device.

Why does Bumble sometimes show miles away and sometimes not?

Sometimes Bumble shows miles away because of network problems. We send a request to the server to calculate the distance and if the server cannot receive it, then the miles will not be displayed correctly.

How do I change my location?

How do I change my location?

To change your location on Bumble, you’ll have to log in to your account and update it directly under Account Settings. Once you’ve reached the right page, simply indicate where you are located by clicking on the correct city.

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How do I change my location on Bumble for free on Iphone?

You can update your location on iPhone without the need for an internet connection. You can change your location on Bumble for free by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > and tap on Bumble.

How does Travel mode work on Bumble?

The Travel mode feature allows you to control where your profile shows up on Bumble. You can select the city your profile appears in for seven days, or simply turn on Travel to select an option. The Travel mode indicator will display so other users know you’re using it, and will also show in your app’s search results wherever you have activated it.

Can you tell if someone is on travel mode Bumble?

Can you tell if someone is on travel mode Bumble?

Yes! You will see a Travel Mode icon in the top left corner of your profile that shows other Bumble users when you are using Travel mode.

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Does Bumble travel mode show the current location?

Yes, there is an option to turn on the Bumble travel mode, which will show the current location.

How do I fake my GPS location on my iPhone?

You can use the Fake GPS location app to fake your iPhone location without any data usage. The app works on all iPhone models and can change the location by 50 km so if you want to find out how to fake your iPhone location just follow the steps below.

What if I accidentally swiped left on Bumble?

What if I accidentally swiped left on Bumble?

If you accidentally swiped left on Bumble, no worries. Backtrack will allow you to instantly swipe right again. You can also directly message the potential match that you really want to connect with.

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How accurate is Bumble distance?

Bumble Distance is accurate and consistent. Unlike many other distance devices, Bumble Distance plays right into your backyard, allowing a lot more playability.

Does Bumble have a radius?

It’s true, Bumble has a limited radius that makes it easy to connect with people nearby. If you want to expand your horizons, we won’t judge you if you change your settings and start searching farther away.

How do I improve my Bumble algorithm?

The Bumble algorithm will automatically make your profile more attractive to people of your gender. To improve your Bumble algorithm, make sure that you have a good profile photo, have a quality bio and avoid anything that could be considered spammy.

Why does Bumble change location?

Bumble uses GPS to connect you with your area’s most compatible singles. This means that if you travel a lot, it may realize you are farther away than usual and require an update.

Bumble Location Feature Explained

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