How to change address on Life360?

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Have you ever asked yourself a question about address or the ways to change it on Life360? We have a solution for you. Let it be the following article you will get the answer of all these questions.

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How to change address on Life360?

  • It is very easy to change the address on Life360. Just follow these steps:
  • 1. Go to the app and tap “Me” 2. Tap “Address” 3. Tap the part you want to edit 4. Enter the new address and Tap Save.
  • Alos, you can also change your phone number or email in this menu if needed.

People Also Asked:

Correct location on Life360

To correct your location on Life360, follow these quick steps: Open the Life360 app, then tap Find my device. The map will display a line showing your last known location. You can adjust this line to best reflect where you actually are. To do this, move the red pin on the map and then swipe to confirm your new location. That’s it!

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Edit Life360

To edit your Life360 profile you will need to go to the edit screen. You can access this by clicking on your photo or name, then clicking on ‘Edit’. From there you can add a profile picture, change your location, phone number and email address. 

Life360 sees your address

Life360 can see your home and work address in the app, so you can share it with friends or family. You can also see their current locations too.

Telling if someone is looking at your Life360

Telling if someone is looking at your Life360

Your Life360 can tell if someone is looking at it. This feature will always let you know if someone is, in fact, looking your location.

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Spoofing location on Life360

You can spoof your location on Life360. To spoof your location, open the app and tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen. This will bring you to the settings screen where you can change your device information. Scroll down and change your location if it is not already set to automatic.

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Life360 updates location

Life360 updates location every 2 seconds. This helps you stay in the loop with your family and friends, no matter where life takes you.

Life360 not updating location

Your Life360 location may not be updating because of a poor Internet connection and poor mobile phone reception. Start by checking your cell phone’s connectivity (or data) or resetting your router.

An app better than Life360

There are many other apps that can perform the same function as Life360, but we feel like our product stands out with its superior features. Our mobile app allows you to share your location with family and friends, and pinpoint their locations as well. 

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