How to bypass Hinge ban?

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The only thing worse than being banned on a dating site is not knowing why. This article will help you understand what Hinge ban means and how to bypass Hinge ban.


How to bypass Hinge ban?

  • If you are banned from Hinge, you can try contacting customer service and asking them to appeal your ban.
  • However, it’s unlikely that they will unblock your account if the moderation team is not pleased with your behavior on the site.
  • So don’t do anything that will result in getting your Hinge account banned.

People Also Asked:

A way to get unbanned from Hinge

If you have been banned from Hinge, you may contact customer service and explain your issue. Sometimes the Hinge moderation team will consider unbanning a user if they have a convincing explanation for their wrongful ban.

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Hinge ban lasts forever

Hinge bans are permanent, but you can appeal them by contacting us at . The more information you can provide about your banned account, the better.

Hinge blocks your IP

Hinge does not block your IP address. Users who use a VPN or proxy will still be able to log in and use Hinge as normal.

Hinge tracks device ID

Hinge tracks device ID

Hinge does track your device ID in order to help prevent the same profiles from being used across multiple devices and to track metrics for advertising purposes. The first thing you’ll see when entering the app is a message reminding you that Hinge will use your personal information (including your device ID) to provide a better experience.

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Hinge keeps banning me

If you’ve been banned from Hinge, you’re not alone. This can happen for many reasons, including continuing to message people who report you for harassment or sending unsolicited messages. If we’ve banned you, simply change your behavior and we will likely restore your access within 24 hours.

Log into Hinge without a phone number

You can log in to Hinge without a phone number by signing up with your Facebook account. We support connecting through Facebook for log-in and profile creation, as well as for making matches.

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If you get reported on Hinge

If you get reported on Hinge, we’ll send you an e-mail and if our community continues to report you, we’ll block your account.

Hinge premium worth it

We have tested the Hinge app and compared all the features with other popular apps such as Tinder and Bumble. And we have come to a conclusion – if you are looking for a long term relationship and not just short term flings, then yes Hinge Premium is worth it.

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