How to become an ambassador for Shein?

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  • In order to become an ambassador for Shein, it’s important to have and maintain a large base of fans on one of these platforms:
  • More than one million subscribers on YouTube
  • More than two million followers on TikTok
  • More than two million followers on Instagram


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Is it possible to become an ambassador for Shein?

You can become an ambassador for Shein by sharing your experience with your friends or fans on Instagram or Facebook. This helps them see how much you love the products and possibly want to buy them too!

How tall do you have to be to model clothing?

You have to be at least 5’10”, or at most 6’2″ if you’re male, or 5’9″ if you’re female. Models need to fill out their clothes in the right way, especially for tailored styles. It’s always best for models to be just a few inches taller than their partners (and slightly shorter than women). 

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How do I apply to be a model?

To apply to be a model, you will need to fill out our online application. Please note that the application is only available in English.

Does Shein Photoshop their models?

Does Shein Photoshop their models?

Shein does not Photoshop their models. They just use a high-quality camera and have a great editor.

How much do SheIn models get paid?

The majority of SheIn models are not paid by the retailer. Instead, they receive a commission from the clicks and sales generated from their social posts and ads. The commission amounts can vary based on how much you sell each month.

Are the SheIn models real?

Yes, most of the SheIn models are real people. Like many large brands, our website uses professional models that are edited to appear thinner or taller than they actually are. Our focus is on the design of our clothing.

How can I collab with Shein?

How can I collab with Shein?

We love to partner with brands like you! Reach out to us at and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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Does SHEIN actually use child labor?

No! SHEIN does not use child labor. Our suppliers are all held to the same high standards. We also conduct random inspections and audits to ensure that no child labor is used in our products.

Why do people not like SHEIN?

People don’t like SHEIN because it is so popular. As a result, many buyers are looking for a discount, which is often not available on SHEIN.

Does Shein pay their workers well?

Yes, Shein pays its workers well. They make sure their employees are able to take time off when they need it and that they are not overworked. The company also cares about their employee’s health by providing them with new equipment, safety guards, and clean working conditions.

Does Shein work with influencers?

Yes, Influencers are encouraged to link to Shein products and share their outfits on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

How do I become a clothing brand model?

Becoming a clothing brand model is not easy, but it can be done! First, find a manufacturer that sells branded clothes and email them. The next step is to use your friends and family as models. The last step is to send photos of yourself to the company showing off your personal style.

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How can I be a model for Nike?

Becoming a model for Nike means doing one of the following: Apply online, post photos or videos on Nike’s #JustDoIt social media channels or through Instagram, or fill out an online application.

Can I edit my Shein order?

Of course! You can edit your order as many times as you want until it has been shipped. Just go to our customer service page, fill out the form and one of our agents will assist you.

How does Shein sell so many clothes?

Shein is so popular because they use the best fabrics and have a massive variety of styles at prices that are surprisingly low.

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