How to appropriately leave comments on Hinge app?

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You’ve installed the Hinge app, now you might be wondering, how do I leave a comment on a girl’s profile?

Things you should know about Hinge app

How to appropriately leave comments on Hinge app?

  • Commenting on someone’s profile is a great way to let them know you’re interested in getting to know them better.
  • Touch the red heart on any of their prompts or photographs, then add your response and select “Send Like” to verify.
  • People who comment have a higher chance of matching.

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Leaving a comment on Hinge

After you like something on someone’s profile, there will be an opportunity to add a comment. Enter your response in the provided text box and click Send Like. Users who comment have a 3x higher chance of hearing back!

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When you add a comment on Hinge

As soon as you make a comment on Hinge, your match is notified. We let them know you’re interested in chatting, and they can directly message you themselves.

Replying to a comment on Hinge

People like to know that you’ve seen their comments. To reply, tap the comment bubble, and then tap “Reply” above the keyboard.

When you like and comment on Hinge

When you like and comment on Hinge

When you like and comment on Hinge, we show your profile to more people based on previous likes and comments made by our members, who are also looking for a real relationship. When your profile is shown to more people, it increases your chance of finding a great match!

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The normal amount of like on Hinge

The average number of likes on Hinge is one to two likes per day. However, it’s normal to have 30-40 likes total within a week.

Respond quickly to messages

It’s important to respond quickly on Hinge, especially to the first message. Sending a second reply within the first 2-3 hours shows that you’re interested and eager! The longer you wait, the less likely it is that your match will be interested in chatting with you again.

When someone receives a rose on Hinge 

When someone receives a rose on Hinge, it means they are one of your most-liked people on the app. It’s a way to tell them you’re interested in getting to know them better and that you want their attention.

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Importance of First message on Hinge

Think of it like a first date. You shouldn’t go overboard in the opening line, but you also shouldn’t be too brief. A great example would be something like “Hey my name is so-and-so and I was passing through the neighborhood.”

Keep a conversation going on Hinge

To keep a conversation going on hinge, you can send a picture or tap the heart to let her know you like her answer. Another way to keep a conversation going is to accept one of their questions or meet up for a date!

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