How to add multiple videos to Instagram story?

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Ever wonder how to add more than one minute of video in an Instagram stories? I don’t know why we’d want to add more than one minute of video, but still, this is a viable question. Now you don’t have to search Google and find the answer. Simply follow the simple step-by-step guide below.

How to Add Multiple Videos in Instagram Story | Instagram Story Tricks

  1. To upload multiple videos in a story of Instagram first you are required to log in to your account.
  2. Go to home page and frpm top ldt side tap on the plus icon.
  3. After tapping and moving to the new page, swipe up the screen to see your photos and videos of the gallery.
  4. select your videos by tapping and holding. Then Instagram will ask you to share the videos all together or separately.
  5. At the end tap on the share with your friends.

People Also Asked:

Post multiple videos in one post

To post multiple videos in one post, you need to create a playlist. A playlist is created when you add several related videos to it.

Put two videos together

First, upload all of your videos to the same album. Then, in the settings box, select “Multiple Media File Uploads” instead of Done Uploading. Next, edit your post and when you have added all of your images just click on Add Media again in order to add a video.

Make a collage of videos

Yes, you can make a collage of videos. Simply import your videos from compilations or separate clips. You can even trim your clips and add effects to them.

Put videos in Instagram layout

Put videos in Instagram layout

Yes, you can add videos in an Instagram Layout, but only up to 60 seconds long.

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Make a slideshow on Instagram stories

You can make a slideshow on Instagram stories by taking a picture (or multiple pictures) and choosing the ones you want to turn into your slideshow. Then tap the square button in the top left corner of your camera screen. This will add each photo to your story, but if you want to create a slideshow, here are a few tips.

Post longer videos on Instagram 2022

You can post longer videos on Instagram 2022. Simply, go to your phone’s camera, shoot a video as you normally would and once you’re done recording, tap “Keep Shooting” in the bottom right corner. You can then select how long you want your video to be before it loops back around again. Once you’ve settled on the perfect length, press ‘Next’ and once the video preview has finished, tap Share

Can't post multiple stories on Instagram

Can’t post multiple stories on Instagram

You can only post one story at a time, so it’s best to plan ahead. Choose the photos and videos that you want to share, edit them using the tools in your Instagram app, and add them all to your story at once.

Add multiple photos to Instagram story 2022

Yes, you can add multiple photos to Instagram story 2022. The limit of the number of photos your followers can see in your Instagram story 2022 is up to five stories. YouTube has a similar limit when it comes to viewing videos.

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Make a video montage on Instagram

To make a video montage on Instagram you need to first record multiple clips and place them in order. Once you have completed recording and editing your clips, then you can easily upload them on Instagram as a video montage.

Make a video slideshow on Instagram

Follow these steps to make a video slideshow on Instagram:1) Open the video you want to turn into a slideshow2) Click the video, then select Export.3) Wait for the download to finish4) Once it’s finished, tap “Open in…”5) Select “Instagram”6) You should be able to see your new video post in the Media Library.

Post continuous on Instagram

The secret to posting continuously on Instagram is to avoid posting at the same time every day, and instead mix up your posting schedule so that it doesn’t get stale. This is what sophisticated brands do – they post in a continuous way but spread out their content across days and weeks.

Put grid videos on Instagram

To put a video on Instagram, you can do so by clicking on the camera icon in your app. Then, go to “Grid” and select the grid video icon. From here, type in any caption you would like and select another option to finish up your post

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Put two videos in a collage

To put two videos in a collage, open the video you want to start the collage with, tap the + icon and then tap Add. Drag and drop the other video. To remove videos, long press on them and drag them up to the menu at the top of the screen.

Can’t post multiple videos on Instagram

You’re not allowed to post multiple videos to Instagram at once because it’s a violation of their Terms of Service.

Can’t post 3 videos on Instagram

You can’t post 3 videos in a row because Instagram reserves the first 15 seconds of each video for previews and ads. If you want to add more than one video to your post, you’ll need to make a separate post for each video.

Share full reels on Instagram 2022

To share your full reel on Instagram 2022, you can follow these steps:1. Click “Settings” on the Profile page.2. Click the “Reels” option.3. Go to the top right of the page, click Settings and then click Edit.4. Upload your full reel and click Save.

Split videos on Instagram

You can create a split video on Instagram by first recording the video and then cropping or cutting it into two separate clips. Choose what you would like to share in each clip, and then upload.

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