How to activate Walmart gift card?

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Do you ever wonder how you can activate your Walmart gift card then just follow the directions and you will activate your Walmart gift card easily, to activate your Walmart’s gift card you must first save the Walmart gift card to your Walmart app. After that just click on the “Redeem” tab. Then enter the pin number and click activate. Once you have activated your Walmart gift card, you can use it at any of Walmart stores in US.

How To Register Activate Walmart Visa Gift Card?

How to activate Walmart gift card?

  • Walmart gift cards are special because of cards with a magnetic strip that is used to buy items only from Walmart stores.
  • You can activate Walmart gift card by going to a participating Walmart store or through the mail.

Automatically activating Walmart’s gift cards

Walmart gift cards are automatically activated. However, the amount of money on your card may not be available until after it is activated and validated. but if you want to use Walmart’s site you have to to enter the gift card number and PIN into your account in order to activate it.

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Activating Walmart’s prepaid gift card

In order to activate your Walmart prepaid gift card, make sure you are in the store and present it to a participating cashier. Once activated, you can use it at any Walmart location or purchase items on their website.

Walmart’s MoneyCard activation

You may activate your Walmart MoneyCard by calling 1-800-241-6151 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Walmart's prepaid cards shape

Walmart’s prepaid cards shape

Walmart prepaid cards work like a credit card, but without the spending limit. With it, you can buy clothes, food and other items at Walmart stores or on The card has no expiration date and does not expire long as funds remain on it. And if you lose your card, Walmart will replace it for free within 90 days of purchase

Using a Walmart gift card online

Walmart gift cards can be used in any of their stores, online or at When shopping online, simply add a gift card to your cart as you normally would and make your purchase with your credit card.

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Gift card wasn’t activated

If you bought a gift card but did not receive an email with your registration code, it may mean that the gift card was not activated. This could happen if you registered the card with the wrong email address.

Invalid Walmart gift card

Invalid Walmart gift card

There are several reasons a Walmart gift card may say invalid. For example, the gift card number might be incorrect or the funds on the gift card may have already been used.

Putting a Walmart gift card on cash App

you can put Walmart gift card on cash App. You just need to log into your account and use the “Add Payment Method” option. It’s very easy to do so.

Trade a Walmart gift card for cash

You can sell a Walmart gift card for cash, but the trade-in value depends on the gift card’s location and current balance. For example, you may be able to sell a $200 card from a store in Oregon for more than if you try to sell a $100 Walmart gift card from New York City.

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Putting Walmart gift card on PayPal

you can put your Walmart gift card on PayPal. Just use the dropdown menu when you checkout and choose the option to pay with PayPal.

Activation requirements for Walmart gift card

Walmart gift card doesn’t require activation. You can checkout your card as a payment and it will get activated by itself.

Where is the gift card number on a Walmart gift card?

It’s printed in small print on a paper that has the same design as the front of your card. The gift card number can also be found on any barcode associated with your Walmart gift card.


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