How old is Marc Gomez from TikTok?

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  • Marc Gomez born in 2004, is a 17 years old TikTok personality.
  • He rose to fame by sharing his lip syncs and dance videos on TikTok.
  • TikTok is not the only social media he is active in, His Youtube channel is also popular.
  • Marc lives in San Antonio, Texas with his family and has two brothers and a sister.


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What race is Marc Gomez?

Marc Gomez is half-Filipino and half-Spanish. He often jokes about how the different races make a whole person, that people are made up of many parts like family, culture, and contact with people from different cultures.

What is Marc Gomez’s Snapchat?

You can find Marc Gomez on Snapchat at marc_gomez5.

How old is Mathew Valenzuela?

Mathew Valenzuela was born on 21 April 2005 and is currently 17 years old. Mathew Valenzuela is a Filipino Canadian YouTuber, Viner, actor, dancer and singer known for his TikTok videos.

How old is PrettyLuhHazel?

How old is PrettyLuhHazel?

PrettyLuhHazel is a 15-year-old teen who was born on 26 January 2007. She currently has over 1 Million subscribers and her videos have received more than 111 million views. PrettyLuhHazel’s name is not actually Hazel, she simply chose this as her user name.

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Where is Matthew Valenzuela from?

Matthew Valenzuela is from New York City, USA. You can also follow Matthew Valenzuela on Instagram and TikTok.

Who is Marc Gomez?

Marc Gomez is a known Instagram star, TikTok star, and YouTuber. He became famous for doing lip sync videos on TikTok and amassing more than 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel while creating content like funny videos, challenges and ordinary vlogs. 

Who is Paradiisedd dating?

Who is Paradiisedd dating?

Paradiisedd dating is a social media star with a large following on TikTok and Instagram. Their TikTok career began in 2019, and they have gained more than 1.5 million fans on the site to date.

How old is paradise Deedee on Tiktok?

Paradise Deedee is 24 and lives in the United States. Paradise started TikTok to make it easier for her fans to find her, so if you want more of Paradise’s videos, be sure to visit

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What age is Markie?

Markie is 7 years old and a budding star on TikTok. His first song, “Exploding Kittens,” has more than 1 million views. Here’s Markie performing his latest hit, “Hot Dog Balloons Hot Air Balloon”.

How old is Mariano?

How old is Mariano?

Mariano loves TikTok and loves making videos, many of which are aimed at his 29K followers. He’s 24 years old, studied marketing at university, and is a big fan of movies.

Is Donny and Belle in a relationship?

Donny and Belle are in a relationship. They have been dating for two years and were best friends for three years before that.

Is Mariano an Italian name?

Yes, it is. Mariano is a Spanish and Italian name that means tinted or tanned, referring to someone with skin that is darkened by the sun.

Who is Callum Markie?

“Who is Callum Markie?” is a question that many TikTok fans are trying to answer. The mysterious person behind the new app has yet to release any details about their identity. In fact, this is the only information we have about them!

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What is a Spanish last name?

A Spanish last name is a family name that has been passed down from one generation to the next, like your English last name. Most people in Spain have two last names: the first is their father’s surname, and the second is their mother’s surname.

What does the name Mario mean?

The name Mario has a few different meanings! It is Italian and means “military warrior,” as well as Mars, the God of War. But more importantly, it refers to the leading character in Nintendo’s famous video game series Super Mario Bros.

Is Baby Mario Mario’s baby?

Baby Mario is the infant form of Mario and the baby form of the Super Mario Bros. He is the main protagonist of a variety of games, most notably the Yoshi series. Baby Mario is born by a stork who delivers him to his parents, who then adopt him and name him Baby Mario shortly after his birth.

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