How much is a tune up at Walmart?

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The cost of a tune up depends on the make, model, and mostly condition of your vehicle. Walmart offers tune-ups on the spot for your car, typically for around 25.00$. They usually fully check your vehicle for any problems, perform a cooling system flush, rotate and balance tires, check front end alignment and pressure sensors in tires. Walmart tune ups for most cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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How much is a tune up at Walmart?

  • A tune up from Walmart is around $60 this amount may vary store by store.
  • The maintenance includes an oil change, tire pressure check and vehicle inspection.

Cost of getting a tune-up

At the moment, CarMD estimates that a tune-up generally costs between $50 and $300. This can vary based on the make and model of your car, what parts are replaced, whether you have any special repairs done, or other factors.

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A full tune-up

A full tune-up is a service performed on an engine, transmission, rear axle and suspension to get your car running like new again. It’s typically recommended every 30,000 miles.

The signs that your car needs a tune up

If your car is having trouble starting and running smoothly, the sign that you may be due for a tune up is when you notice a loss of power and an increase in engine noise.

How long does a tune up take?

How long does a tune up take?

A typical tune up includes a check for any loose or worn parts, cleaning and replacing the spark plug, carburetor cleaning and adjustments, valve adjustment, lubrication and making sure your tire pressure is correct. Most tune ups take about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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A tune up make your car run better

A tune-up makes your car run better, get better gas mileage and reduces the chance of breakdowns. A good mechanic will not only check the fluids and belts but also clean the air filter, spark plugs and more.

Problems of not getting a tune up

If you don’t get a tune up regularly, your car could start developing some problems that would affect its performance and make it more expensive to maintain.

Check engine light and relevance to needing a tune up

Check engine light and relevance to needing a tune up

The check engine light will not come on if you need a tune up. Tune ups are preventative maintenance that can ensure your vehicle is still running efficiently. If your car has maintenance needs, fixing them before they become more expensive to fix can save you money in the long run.

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Fluids that are changed in a tune-up

In a tune up, the oil and filter are changed in the engine. The air filter is also changed in the engine, usually with paper media. While fluids like transmission fluid, brake fluid, spark plug and fuel filter (in rare cases) might be changed, these are not considered as part of a tune-up as they are not “fluid changes”.


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