How much does Walmart pay in California?

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Are you looking for a job at California? why don’t you just head down to a Walmart store and request a job there. Walmart offers several types of payments to their employees, that includes a salary and an hourly wage. Current Walmart employees say that a median salary in California is $2,000 a month, with most making between $500 and $1,000 weekly.


What is Walmart starting pay? 

How much does Walmart pay in California?

  • Walmart pays an hourly salary of $10.00 in California, which is the average for most jobs.
  • New employees may need to get a training period during which time they will have no fixed hours and are not paid.

Walmart’s starting pay in California

Walmart’s starting pay in California is $12.00 per hour. Entry level associates will be eligible to receive training, education and opportunities to grow in a career at Walmart

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Walmart wage in California in an hour

Walmart in California, CA pays hourly employees between $11.00 and $12.00, with an average hourly salary of $11.99. Hourly pay at Walmart in California ranges from an average of $9.34 to $13.42.

Walmart job that pays the most

There isn’t one single job that pays the most at Walmart. If you’re looking for a high-paying position, look no further than management. Management positions in general pay at least $70,000 per year (and sometimes much more).

Making a living working at Walmart

Making a living working at Walmart

Many employees at Walmart make a living and support their families on their salary. In fact, there is have many reviews of employees sharing their stories and experiences working at Walmart.

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Walmart cashiers wager

Walmart cashiers make $9-$10 per hour, on average. A cashier’s salary varies depending on where they work and the time of year. The longer a cashier has been employed with Walmart, the larger their salary will be.

Working 3 days a week at Walmart

Walmart is a full-time position, but it is possible to be hired as part-time (which can lead up to full-time). Consider the number of hours you need versus the amount that Walmart offers.

Hours that Walmart employees work a day

Hours that Walmart employees work a day

According to Walmart, full-time employees clock in at 32 hours a week. Depending on the store location, employees will work between 30-36 hours a week. Some retail stores that can be open 24/7 may see even longer hours depending on staffing.

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Walmart a stressful job

Walmart is not a stressful job, at least in regards to the environment. You will only be stressed out if you are getting paid too little and doing too many duties. However, if you are being overworked, then that’s another story

Walmart is losing employees

A lack of organization, shift work and poor pay are just some of the reasons why Walmart is losing employees. Workers have complained that they don’t get consistent shifts, they don’t get enough hours to work.


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