How much do Walmart truck drivers make?

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A truck driver is responsible for driving and handling products to a company. As a truck driver you will have a full time employment and a steady income. Walmart truck drivers make an average annual salary of $62,000. The middle half of drivers make between $50,000 and $78,921. The lowest paid 10 percent make less than $39,000 and the highest-paid 10 percent make more than $85,000.


How Much Do Walmart Truck Drivers Really Make

How much do Walmart truck drivers make?

  • Walmart truck drivers have a starting pay rate of $47.50 plus mileage, usually higher than the industry average.
  • The annualized salary for a Walmart truck driver depends on the number of miles and deliveries, they make each day.

A Walmart truck driver wage in California

The average annual salary for a Walmart truck driver in California is $57,250.

A Walmart truck drivers wage in Texas?

Walmart truck drivers across Texas can expect to make between $72,000-$127,000 a year. However, this varies depending on the amount of miles they drive, type and size of their rig and other factors.

Walmart truck drivers come home every night

Walmart Truck Drivers get to be home every night. Walmart offer a number of exciting benefits for employees, including health insurance coverage for you and your family, sub-standard driver pay, and no tarp strips.

Walmart truck drivers staying out

Walmart truck drivers staying out

There are times when drivers will have to stay out for multiple days due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances that are out of their control. The longer drivers stay out the more they are paid so they can make as much as possible during their freight job with Walmart.

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Walmart truck drivers paying for their own gas

Walmart does not pay for its truck drivers’ gas. They can’t even purchase it for themselves, either. All of their fuel is paid for by Walmart on the way, so these drivers have no expenses during a trip other than maybe minor repairs and maintenance.

Walmart truck drivers union

The majority of Walmart’s truck drivers are unionized and represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. However, there are some non-unionized drivers at Walmart who do not belong to any specific organization.

Walmart paying truck drivers 100k

Walmart paying truck drivers 100k

Walmart is not paying truck drivers 100k. Walmart is offering a truck driver hiring bonus of $2,500 for qualified applicants selected for the program, according to a post from a driver. The company confirmed this amount but declined to disclose further details about the program or its total number of hires since it began in April 2019.

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Walmart is a good company to drive a truck for

Walmart is a great company to drive for! The pay, benefits, and equipment all make it a good choice. They also have many locations in most of the country so you can choose where you live.

Time that is take to unload a Walmart truck

You can usually unload a Walmart truck in about 45 minutes to an hour. If you are in a hurry, it will probably take longer. If the store is busy, it will also take longer

Walmart is hiring so many truck drivers

One reason for that is the transportation sector has been a major job creator in the United States since the recession ended. In addition, Walmart is looking to meet its goal of offering same-day shipping service throughout the country and boost its e-commerce sales.

Walmart trucks having cameras

As of 2016, Walmart trucks use cameras to watch out for Walmart drivers. The cameras are used by Walmart as an extra precaution to watch over the drivers and make sure they are safe in their deliveries.

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Miles that Walmart drivers drive a day

Walmart drivers can average, depending on the day and time, anywhere from 50-80 miles a day. They need to drive their route as fast and as efficiently as possible to complete their daily schedule.

Haul loads at Walmart

At Walmart, they make it easy to build the load you need. You can change your box size, changing it from a small to a large or double-sized box as needed. Choose the right sized truck — whether you’re hauling loads in a car, SUV or pickup truck — and then secure your load with our durable nylon straps

Trucks that Walmart use

Walmart has two types of truck transportation: Long-haul and local delivery. Long-haul trucks carry goods from factory to distribution centers and then transport those goods to Walmart stores throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Local delivery trucks deliver small goods for customers within a short distance from a store.

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