How much do Walmart stockers make?

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Stocking shelves can seem a little difficult, but at the same time, it seems to satisfy me precisely to watch. Do you want to know How much a Walmart stocker can make? So let me answer your question, according to PayScale, the average hourly pay for a Walmart stocker is $11.73. Factors that could affect your income include the location of the store and the number of years you’ve worked at Walmart.


How much do Walmart stockers make?

  • Walmart stockers make as much as $15 per hour at best
  • They make $31,500 annually

Walmart pay rate in Wisconsin

To determine how much Walmart pays in Wisconsin, you first need to look at the details of their payment program. For example, Walmart also offers a base hourly wage for each position and an additional commission on sales.

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Walmart pay rate in Missouri

Walmart offers competitive wages and benefits, including bonuses and other rewards. Many of their pay rates vary depending on the region of the store.

Walmart minimum wage Florida

Walmart’s minimum wage in Florida is $10 per hour. This figure has been in place since 2016 when the company raised it to match the rate of its workers. The retail chain is one of several companies that pay a higher minimum wage than mandated by law.

Walmart pay rate in Louisiana

Walmart pay rate in Louisiana

In Louisiana, the hourly rate for a Walmart cashier is $9.13 an hour. Premium pay for overtime and the hourly rate for a Walmart department manager is also provided.

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Full time shift at Walmart

Full-time at Walmart is 40 hours per week. Some associates are eligible for full-time after 12 months or other reasons, such as seniority or job role. Those who work less than 40 hours per week are considered part-time.

Walmart is paying more on holidays

Walmart holiday pay is higher than average hourly wages. Employees who work during holidays get the time and a half pay at one-and-a-half the regular pay rate.

Asking for a raise at Walmart

The company offers annual variable pay increases and cost-of-living adjustments on an as-needed basis. To get the raise, you must go through a formal review process involving documents such as your performance evaluations, growth objectives, and proposed compensation plan targets.

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Walmart employees get a discount

Some employees get a discount, others don’t. Every Walmart worker can purchase items at an employee discount. Each store will have a different policy regarding who qualifies for a discount and how much that discount is.

Getting promoted at Walmart

You can be promoted at Walmart in a few ways. You could apply for open jobs, be promoted from within the company, or get hired into a management training program if you work in the corporate office.

Store manager pay rate at Walmart

A store manager at Walmart makes an average of $11,000 a year. However, this amount varies on the manager’s experience and responsibility level.

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