How much are iPhones at Walmart?

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You can find great deals on iPhones by just visiting a Walmart. You can find both new iPhones and older models as well at Walmart. Some of the models I can mention are iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, and 7 Plus, and even the new iPhone X are in stock at Walmart. The iPhone 8 is $695, and the iPhone X is $999. If you want to know more about Walmart iPhone and cheap phones at Walmart, read the following post.


iPhone cheap at Walmart now

How much are iPhones at Walmart?

  • You can get the latest iPhones for sale at Walmart.
  • Pick from their collection of iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and more by color and storage size.

Trading your iPhone at Walmart

Like many electronics stores, Walmart is a source of iPhone trade-in offers. The website offers information on your device is worth and how much you can get via its trade-in program.

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Age limitation on buying a phone from Walmart

You can purchase a phone from Walmart at any age. However, depending on your location, you may need to show an ID to complete the purchase.

Buying a phone from Walmart and activating it

Walmart stores will sell you activated phones but not locked to any network. If you buy an AT&T or T-Mobile phone, it’ll come unlocked out of the box, you can use it with another carrier if you wish.

Having credit to buy a phone from Walmart

Having credit to buy a phone from Walmart

Walmart offers several options for financing your phone purchase. In many cases, you can get a Walmart Pay Plan without applying for credit. That means there is no need to have a credit check performed – just make sure you’re eligible and pay off the initial cost of your new phone before the end of the billing period.

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Using a phone kiosk at Walmart work

This phone kiosk can make free local calls to all US numbers, even if you’re not a Walmart customer. Simply insert your coins and dial the number, or use your phone if connected to the cell network.

The best thing to do with old cell phones

The best thing to do with old cell phones is to recycle them because they are good for the environment. You can also keep the phone and use it as a backup device if you have a newer smartphone that you prefer over others.

Cell phone provider that Walmart use

Cell phone providers that Walmart use

Walmart does not have a cell phone plan of their own, but instead uses multiple cellular service providers including AT&T and T-Mobile. The Walmart Family Mobile plan is administered by T-Mobile.

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Upgrading an iPhone from Walmart

You can upgrade your phone from Walmart. The process is easy and fast. You simply tell them which phone you want to upgrade to and they will give you the details of how to make the exchange.

Yes, you can get the iPhone 14 at Walmart for less than on Amazon. If you are planning to buy the latest iPhone at cheaper price, then Walmart is your best option as they host various deals such as ‘Brick and Mortar’ offers, online coupons and daily deals. You can save upto $50 with iPhone 14 at Walmart store.


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