How many users does Telegram have?

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Have you heard about Telegram? It’s an instant messaging app that’s created by Pavel Durov. It uses the MTProto protocol, and there are a lot of users in this app. I think it could be great for people who are looking for some chat application in Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Viber. If you’re interested to know how many users do Telegram have then read this article on How Many Users Does Telegram Have right now? You’ll get the answer soon!

Numer of Telegram users

How many users does Telegram have?

  • Telegram has over 550 million active monthly users.
  • This number is spread out throughout the world, but most of these users are from Asia.
  • In India, 220 million downloads of Telegram have been made.
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People Also Asked:

Countries using Telegram the most

Telegram is used more than any other messaging app in 15 countries, led by Iran with 50.4% of its mobile population using it.

Telegram is bigger than WhatsApp

Telegram has around 500 million users. That’s about the same as WhatsApp and just a little less than Instagram!

Popularity of Telegram app

According to data from Google Play, Telegram is the 6th most popular app in terms of downloads.

Telegram is popular in USA?

Telegram is popular in USA?

In these days Telegram is very popular in USA. Telegram is an application designed to provide its users with the best encryption and privacy features possible. Telegram clients can use secret chats that are end-to-end encrypted and self-destructive, which means that messages are automatically deleted from both devices once they’ve been read by the recipient.

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Owner of Telegram

Telegram was launched on August 14, 2013 by Pavel Durov. He owns the company and has recruited many of his friends to work for him. Durov is a Russian entrepreneur and cryptography software developer. He started two popular social networks before Telegram: VKontakte (In Russian “ВКонтакте”, meaning “in touch”) and Facebook equivalent called Moi Golos (Мои Голос).

Telegram sells your data

Telegram doesn’t sell your data to third parties. In fact, we can’t because we don’t collect it in the first place! There is no such thing as private chats on Telegram: messages are encrypted so that only you and the recipient can read them – not even us admins or anyone else.

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Do Koreans use Telegram?

Telegram is one of the most popular messenger apps for Koreans. It has some innovative features such as private chats, secure cloud storage, group chats, and sounds.

Telegram is popular in UK

Telegram is popular in UK. Its popularity has been increasing since 2011 when it was launched.But it still lags behind WhatsApp in terms of popularity in the UK.

It is free to call on telegram

 it’s entirely free to call on Telegram. You’ll only be charged for the data you use when calling someone.

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