How many questions do you answer on Hinge dating app?

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Hi there, welcome to Hinge 101. The hinge dating app has created a lot of buzz in the online dating community because of its matchmaking algorithm. With just a Facebook login, you can connect with friends of friends and meet new people. This app is currently only available for iOS devices but Android users are not left out either. But do you know how many questions you answer on the Hinge dating app?

Hinge Question Prompts [Use Them to Your Advantage!]

How many questions do you answer on Hinge dating app?

  • Hinge only allows users to answer three prompts at once.
  • However, you can alter those prompts whenever you wish.
  • If you’re ready to ask new people some different questions, just tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of your screen and select “Change Questions.”
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People Also Asked:

The number of question to answer on Hinge

You are currently limited to responding to three prompts at once. You may, however, alter those prompts whenever you wish.

Prompts on Hinge

Hinge provides you an opportunity to get to know someone by asking them questions. This can easily be done on Hinge through a question prompt, which is located on the right side of the profile picture.

Hinge prompts that get the most responses

On Hinge, the first question and the last question are your most effective prompts. These questions are more likely to get a reply, which means you’ll have a better chance of meeting someone special.

The best way to answer Hinge prompts

The best way to answer Hinge prompts

When answering Hinge prompts, it’s more important to be honest than funny. Hinge has a pretty low tolerance for canned responses and will filter out answers that aren’t personal enough. It’s best to provide a genuine response that doesn’t sound like you’ve copied and pasted something you found online.

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A good flirty question

Flirty questions can be a great icebreaker and a great way to make small talk with a stranger. And remember that flirty questions are not necessarily sexual questions; they are just questions meant to create conversation and bring two people closer together.

The ideal length of prompts answer

The ideal length for Hinge prompts is about 200-250 words. This is roughly 3x longer than the quick answers that you typically give to any friends who have messaged you on Hinge, and it’s because of this extra length that we expect most people will answer more quickly and easily.

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Increasing chances on Hinge

You can increase your chances to get matched with someone on Hinge by following these simple steps: Upload recent, full-body photos of yourself, fill out your profile and connect with friends of friends.

Like lasts 24 Hours

Your Hinge like lasts 24 hours. After that time period, you will no longer be matched with that person, but you can always choose to re-Like them if you find their profile again in the future.

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