How many question prompts do you answer on Hinge?

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  • Question prompts on Hinge are a bit different from other dating apps.
  • Hinge gives you the option to select Three prompts to answer.
  • Be careful what you choose, because it will tell your match about your personality, lifestyle, and interests. Your most compatible list depends on these Three questions!

Hinge Question Prompts [Use Them to Your Advantage!]

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How many questions do you answer on Hinge?

Hinge gives you the option to select 3 question prompts to answer.

What questions do you have to answer on Hinge?

Hinge asks you feel-good questions to find a compatible match. Questions range from “How many cats would you say you own?” to the more serious “How often do you deal with customer service issues?” With Hinge, there’s something for everyone—whether that’s a casual date, or something more serious.

What Hinge prompts get the most responses?

Our findings show that the most popular Hinge prompts are “I’ll pick you up at eight” and “Tell me about your last relationship.” These prompts have been getting the most responses, especially on our Hinge app for Android.

Are Hinge prompts important?

Are Hinge prompts important?

Yes, Hinge prompts are important because they make your profile stand out and allow you to connect with people who share your interests.

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How many likes on Hinge is normal?

On average, most people get 7 likes per day. However, you might not see that average at first because it takes longer for the app to collect enough data to show you an accurate number. It will be more accurate the longer you’ve been on Hinge.

How does Hinge work for females?

The Hinge experience is a female-first approach to online dating, with a user experience built around their needs. Users can connect with friends and family if they choose, so they feel comfortable letting the people they know interview them before they start dating. 

How do I get more seen on Hinge?

How do I get more seen on Hinge?

Your profile is your first impression on Hinge, so a lot of care and consideration goes into crafting it. Make sure your bio is well-written, captivating and inviting. 

What do you say in your first message on Hinge?

Use your first date to share things you’re interested in, your hobbies, and what makes you the type of person that you are. Be comfortable sharing personal stories and details about yourself. Sharing personal information will make it easier for you both to connect.

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How do you respond to Hinge likes?

If a Hinge user likes you and you’re interested in learning more about them, simply like them back. This will send you each additional data points to determine if you should start chatting with them.

How do you know if you’re a standout on Hinge?

If you are getting more than 10 likes a day on Hinge, you know that you’re a standout. People actually want to connect with you.

Do Hinge likes expire?

Your Hinge Likes expire in 24 hours from when you receive them.

Is Hinge better than Bumble?

Yes, With a clean interface, easy-to-use swiping system and genuine personality questions, Hinge is the better choice. Hinge also doesn’t rely on its users’ Facebook profiles to suggest matches, like Bumble does. However, it can be hard to distinguish between real and fake accounts without paying for the service.

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What should I say to a guy on Hinge?

Looking to see if he’s single, or if you two might be a match. Ask him on a date. You can either choose an existing date from your calendar if you have one, or have Hinge create a new one.

How does Hinge algorithm work?

Hinge’s algorithm takes into account the user’s past interactions. Based on it, we show you the people you have common interests with, who live in your area, and are open to dating.

Who should message first on Hinge?

On Hinge, anyone can message first. This means you don’t have to wait for a match to reach out, making it easier to start your conversation and begin dating. If you want to give someone a heads up that you’re interested but want to wait until they message you first – use the Early Bird feature.

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