How long is a Hinge ban?

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When you get banned from Hinge, you need to know how long you’re banned for. This will help you analyse whether it’s worthwhile appealing your ban or not. Hopefully, this article will give you that.

How to Unbanned Hinge account 

How long is a Hinge ban?

  • A Hinge ban is permanent unless you are successful in getting Hinge to accept your appeal.
  • You can appeal after 30 days from the date of your ban by contacting support.
  • You can also delete and create a new account with a different phone number if necessary.

People Also Asked:

Get unbanned from Hinge

Getting unbanned from Hinge is a pretty simple process, and will be more likely to succeed if you have a good reason for being banned. In order for Hinge to accept your appeal, you should provide as much detail as possible about the situation so that there’s no confusion about why you should be allowed back on the platform.

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Recovering my banned Hinge account

You can log into your Hinge account and select the option to recover your banned account. To do this, head to and click on “I’m Banned”. Follow the prompts, as well as providing an appeal for why you should be allowed access again. If you can provide documentation that shows that you’ve made changes to your behavior, it will help with getting your account back

Hinge bans are permanent

Hinge bans are permanent. If your account is banned, we will not reinstate it. However, a limited appeal process may be available in the future if we make any changes to our rules or guidelines.

Hinge banned my account

Hinge banned my account

Hinge has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to spam, fraud and violation of our Terms of Service. If you have been banned, it is because you violated one or more of those things.

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Hinge blocks IP address

Hinge does not block IP addresses. Our team continuously works to keep Hinge a safe and secure place. To report any suspicious behavior, please email us at

If you get reported on Hinge

If you get reported on Hinge, we will send you an email with a link to the report you were sent. If it looks like your profile is not in compliance with our terms and conditions, you will be suspended from Hinge for three days. After that, you’ll need to verify your account before being allowed back on the app.

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Making a new Hinge account

You can make a new Hinge account now. This will be your new primary Hinge profile and your old one will no longer be active.

Hinge shadowban

Hinge shadowban is a temporary ban where you can’t see your profile or connect with app users when making matches. Hinge shadowbans are a common occurrence due to apps trying to regulate bad activity and keep data clean.

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