How long does Walmart pickup take?

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There is nothing more satisfying than picking up your groceries at comfort of your home and it also be a fast and easy task to do and for some that means taking care of most of their shopping at Walmart. If you’re picking up your order from the store, the biggest question on your mind is probably… How long does Walmart pickup take?

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How long does Walmart pickup take?

  • If you place an order by 1pm it will be ready for pickup the same day.
  • If you place an order after 1pm and before 7pm, will be ready Monday through Friday.
  • Orders placed Saturday, Sunday and holidays will be available for pick up the next business day.

Time that Walmart take to be ready for pickup

Walmart stores are ready for pickup as soon as you place your order. This time may vary depending on the availability of each item, but we do our best to have it ready as soon as possible.

Walmart pickup order taking so long

Your order will arrive within the delivery time window provided when you placed your order. If your order is late, just contact Walmart customer service so they can help get that issue resolved.

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Time management for Walmart grocery order

Most Walmart grocery orders are ready in an hour or less. If you’re concerned about an order being ready in time for a special event or occasion, you can place it as early as 30 minutes before pickup and they will get it ready right away.

How do I know when my Walmart pickup is ready?

Knowing when Walmart pickup is ready

Your Walmart pickup is ready when your order is complete, available for pickup and you’ve received a “Pickup Ready” confirmation email.

Being late to Walmart pickup

Unfortunately, you can’t be late for a Walmart pickup. Items are set aside at the store for you when you pick them up. If you’re running behind and won’t be able get there in time, it is recommend cancelling the order before it’s placed.

Picking up my order from Walmart early

You can pick up your order at the store as soon as it is ready. Note: Walmart stores reserve the right to change the pick-up time if needed.

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How does pick up work at Walmart?

Walmart offers a variety of in-store pickup options to help our shoppers check out faster and get their orders when they want them. In-store pickup allows customers to order items online or through a mobile device, then come into a Walmart store to pick up their purchase at the self-checkout counter.

Walmart package is stolen

You can file a claim for your Walmart package that was stolen. For example, if your doorbell rings or you see motion in video footage of someone taking your package, you can submit a claim on the Walmart Mobile app.

Walmart saying part of your order is ready

Walmart says that part of your order is ready as soon as they receive it in the warehouse. It means you could get a package at any time, but they can’t give you an exact date or time frame. They’ll send you an email when your order ships so you know when to expect it to arrive.

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Walmart groceries are more expensive online

Walmart groceries are more expensive online. However, there are a few ways to save on your groceries if you choose their website instead of a brick and mortar store. You can save money by shopping in bulk, shopping off-season and with coupons when available.

Walmart prices being higher online

Walmart’s online prices are very competitive. Even with the occasional exception, online and in-store prices are nearly identical at and in-store. This includes major holidays and days when stores have been closed.

Walmart giving refund for missing packages

Walmart will refund for missing packages. The company does not say how long you have to check that the shipment arrived in order to receive a full refund. Customers report that they have been able to successfully get a refund after up to a month.

Walmart drivers seeing your tip

Tip drivers anonymously through the Walmart app and they’ll be sure to pass it along. Each driver will receive your tip via email three business days after your transaction


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