How long does preparing order take at Walmart?

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  • There are so many factors that influence the time it takes for an order to be prepared at Walmart.
  • Time of day, current inventory, and availability of specific products are included in preparing your order to be delivered.
  • Your local store may have some items in stock ready for pickup but, on the other hand other items would need to be ordered from a nearby distribution center.
  • If you select auto-replenishment on any items, they will be automatically reordered when they run out so you don’t have to worry about remembering to restock.
  • Please contact your local store for more information.

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People Also Asked:

How long does it take Walmart to prepare an order for pickup?

Walmart needs about two hours to ship most online orders in-store for pickup, six hours for sales items. Note that each store may have its own minimum requirements on the amount of time you need to wait before picking up an order from Walmart.

How long does it take Walmart to process an order for delivery?

They process orders for delivery as soon as possible. It can take up to 24 hours to process an order, depending on the day of the week.

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How long does it take for Walmart to confirm order?

If your product is in stock, then Walmart will ship out your order right away within 24 hours. In certain situations, such as bankruptcy or natural disaster, it may take longer for Walmart to confirm your order.

Why does my Walmart order still say processing?

Why does my Walmart order still say processing?

Your order will say processing until the time they actually have your item in their warehouse ready to be shipped. To learn more about order processing time, visit their Help Center.

How do I know if my Walmart order went through?

When your Walmart order has been successfully completed and shipped, you will receive an email confirmation from Walmart.

What time is end of day for Walmart delivery?

The time varies by location. Some locations have a 3 pm cut-off time for next day delivery, some have a 4 pm cut-off time and some have a 5 pm cut-off time. To see whether or not your local store has one of these times, you’ll need to check its individual store page on the Walmart website. You can also contact customer service at 1-800-869-6572 or email to

Who delivers for Walmart online orders?

Who delivers for Walmart online orders?

Walmart delivers for orders placed through the Walmart website, which includes purchases from They use various third party delivery options to ensure that all customer orders are fulfilled – including USPS, UPS and FEDEX express.

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Does Walmart deliver on Sundays?

Yes, Walmart does deliver on Sundays. A few locations offer delivery at the same time as the store opens and others later in the day.

Can you be late for Walmart pickup?

You are able to be late for a Walmart pickup. If you are going to be late, they recommend that you call the store and schedule a new pickup time

Does Walmart grocery pickup keep food cold?

Yes, Walmart grocery pickup does keep food cold. The way that it works is that you place your order and choose a time for pickup. The associates at the store freeze the food so that when you arrive at the store to pick up your order, it is ready for you!

Can someone else pick up my Walmart order?

Walmart Pickup makes it easy for friends, family and others to pick up your order. Just let them know who you want to pick up your order by adding an alternate recipient during checkout.

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How does Walmart in store pickup work?

You’ll shop for eligible items on, and then select a nearby store for pickup. Then simply go to that local store, where someone from Walmart will get your order, bag it up and bring it out to you!

What happens if Walmart pickup is out of stock?

If your item is out of stock at the selected pickup location, they’ll notify you as soon as possible by text and email. You can always use the Walmart Grocery app to see nearby stores with available inventory or choose another pick up location.

Can you request no bags with Walmart pickup?

You can request no bags with Walmart pickup. Simply select “no bags needed” when you place your order in-store or online. You will receive an email confirming that your order has been modified to no bag options.

Is Walmart pickup more expensive?

According to Walmart’s website, it costs $9.95 to use their online pickup service, or “Walmart Driver Pickup”. Your order will be ready in one hour or less, according to the site. Everything is free and there are no additional charges.

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