How long do eBay turbos last?

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Everyone wants to know how long these things last. But, unfortunately, not all manufacturers give straight answers on the lifespan of their turbos.

Buying ebay turbos

How long do eBay turbos last?

  • eBay turbos last for many years but still have a finite lifespan.
  • eBay turbos are made from cast iron and other components that make up their sleek design.
  • In time, however, the materials will evaporate in the harsh environment of a turbo engine.
  • The quality of these turbos varies greatly as well. Some eBay turbos are poorly made, while others are extremely dependable.

People Also Asked:

The boost an eBay turbo can make

It depends on what you’re looking for, but eBay turbo typically boosts from 1,000 to 4,500 bids per item. The most popular boost is around 2,000 – 2,500. You can select the max bid amount that suits you best. The higher your max bid, the more likely it is to be selected by the highest bidder.

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Turbo kits are Universal

Turbo kits are universal, in that the turbo and all of the associated parts will fit together without having to modify any connections or other components. You do need to keep in mind that different cars will have different exhaust headers, intake manifolds, intercooler/throttle body placement as well as alternator locations. These things can affect where you need to mount your parts in order for your car to run right.

A twin-turbo kit price

The Twin Turbo System starts at $2,695 and the Twin Turbo System with Complete Kit starts at $3,495.

Cars using Garrett turbos

Cars using Garrett turbos

Garrett turbos have been used in a variety of cars from many different companies, such as GM, Nissan and Ford.

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The time it takes to break in a turbo

The time it takes to break in a turbo depends on how you drive it and can vary greatly. If you have a light foot, then the turbo shouldn’t take more than a few hundred miles to break in.

The HP amount a turbo add

The amount of HP that a turbocharger adds to your engine varies depending on the pressure at which it is run and the type of engine. For example, on a 100-degree F day, we might get an additional 10 HP at 22.5 PSI (pounds per square inch) with a stock power turbine, or perhaps 12 HP from a slightly modified turbine. In colder weather, the same turbos tend to make less boost but can still add power.

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The biggest turbocharger

The biggest turbocharger is the R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R. It generates 276 hp, with a compressor that can spin fast enough to produce 434 kg/cm² of boost

AR means with turbos

AR means “annualized repair”. With turbos, the AR means that there has been an annual failure rate of less than one per 100 units, based on your model’s production history.

Turbo size

Turbo size is determined by the amount of air that the turbo needs to properly run at the desired speed. Smaller turbos can be used on smaller engines, while a larger turbo is used on larger engines

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