How late does Walmart stay open?

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Walmart schedule is depended on many variables such as the location of the store, how many customers they have, total sale of that day and many other factors. Walmart pharmacy is open 24/7 but closing time of Walmart is usually around 11 PM.

Walmart Hours

how late does walmart stay open?

  • Walmart is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • That means the store closes at 11 PM in local time on Sundays and Mondays and then opens again at 6:00AM on Monday mornings.

Time that most Walmarts close

Most walmarts close at 10 PM, but some of them close at 11 PM. Some walmarts also stay open 24 hours, but these are usually located in places that are less developed, such as small towns and rural areas.

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The slowest time to go to Walmart

The slowest time to go to Walmart is the morning, which can create crowds and delays, so it’s always a good idea to check the store hours.

Time that Walmart is most busy

the times of day when you might find larger crowds include early morning (6AM-9AM), late evenings (after 5PM) and the weekends. 

Day of the week that Walmart restock

Day of the week that Walmart restock

While it isn’t exactly clear when Walmart restocks, they do restock most of the time on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. However, you never know when they will restock.

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Walmart getting a truck every day

Every day, Walmart receives about 6,000 trailer loads of merchandise at their distribution centers and 9,000 trucks at stores nationwide.

Saving more money at Walmart

Walmart is known for its everyday low prices, large selection and super savings. There are plenty of ways to save even more at Walmart, from opening a gift card to shopping with coupons to taking advantage of sales and promotions.

Walmart getting busy after Christmas

Walmart getting busy after Christmas

Walmart is busier after Christmas than before Christmas. It’s good to get in early, but if you go too early, they’ll probably run out of your favorite store gift cards! The website says they usually start stocking their “surplus” inventory around mid-January.

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Sleeping in Walmart parking lots in California

you can sleep in Walmart parking lots in California. Walmart has a policy that prohibits sleeping overnight in its store parking lots, but no specific laws prohibit it.

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